Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Review

We took the kids to Pizza Hut Friday night for dinner. I think pizza tastes SO much better when you eat it at the restaurant. Probably something to do with smelling it while eating. Jarom used to work at Pizza Hut when we first started dating and Halle thought it was so funny to think of her Daddy cutting pizzas.

After dinner, I took off and went to my sister-in-law Emily's place to have a craft night. We didn't get started until 10 pm and you know me, everything is funny late at night. That and the fact that I think I was high off the smell of varnish and stain led to some serious laughing. Water even shot out my nose once. It's been a long time since that's happened to me.
Here's the semi-finished product. You can flip these blocks around and they will spell WINTER (as soon as the letters come in at the store). I think they turned out pretty cute. I didn't get home until 2:30 am. I think you all deserve a stay out all night, get high from fumes, crafty girl party.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. The kids and I cleaned out the garden and decorated the front porch. I even washed the spider webs away from the door. Ughhh... I don't know how well the corn stalks are going to hold up. The wind does a number on them. But they are fun and festive for now.
Too bad we didn't have a long enough growing season this year for our pumpkins to turn orange. But I kind of like the green ones in my pots.

Saturday night we built one last bon-fire at my folk's house and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. I think it was a great way to end the season of nice weather. I'm sure the cold will come and stay next time around.

Sunday was spent at church and Jarom's folks'. I had to use his mom's big washing machine for my bedspread that got peed on by a kid. I know Sunday should be a day of rest, but is it ever really for the mom? It's nice and clean now, with clean sheets to boot. There's almost nothing better than clean sheets!

So that's the weekend in review. I feel like it was fairly productive. Did you do anything productive?


becky ward said...

i love, love, love our blocks! that was a fun evening.

your front porch looks fabulous! aren't you festive!?

and i was just complaining to kevin yesterday about sunday being a day of rest for EVERYONE but the mom's. NO FAIR!

PS clean sheets are the best! i bet you slept good.

Tamie said...

i LOVE those need to let us know how you did them---b/c i'm pretty darn sure that i want to make myself a set of those beauties--please, please, please share!

Wendy said...

Oh, I love your blocks -- I'm so jealous. I love that you can turn them around for winter too. Sweet!

The corn stalks look great. That's more my style of autumn outdoor decorating, but we went spooky for the hubby's sake this year.

Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend (and aren't you LOVIN' the weather? I know it won't stay)

We were busy too. Come over to the blog and see what we did this weekend! :-)

Brenda said...

Cute Blocks! I love that they can be turned around for a winter decor! What a great idea. I am impressed that after you stayed up until after 2:30 A.M., you were still able to get things accomplished on Saturday. The porch looks really cute.

Sorry about your pumpkins- they still look festive green. This year we planted giant pumpkins-Alaska Giants I think is what they are called. The kids thought that was pretty fun. They get rather large!

I hear what you say about Sunday- the only way it is a day of rest is if you are out of town, without kids. I always hate Mondays, because I am recovering from any "rest" I did take! Off I go to clean like crazy!

Miki said...

HEY! You are in some serious need of girl talk, and where is Miki to be found? Okay, maybe Miki is in need of some serious girl talk....

Well, actually, if I could get my mind off of my darn house for two seconds, then maybe I could attempt a chatting session. It seems I'm never home anymore during our girl talk times!

First of all (it seems I should be done chatting now, but alas, it's me) I'm SO sad your pumkins didn't turn orange. What happened? Was it me? Did we get them in too late? Oh, it was going to be so great! (Now I feel as though I'm putting you down or if green pumpkins aren't good enough).

Secondly, UGH to peed on bedspreads. Ugh I say.

Lastly, have missed you. I wrote another thing here to go along, but erased it. You'll have to call me to see what the heck I said....

Yes, I'm baiting you.

Lee Ann said...

That sounds like a great weekend! Especially the silly girls late at night. We all need those nights now and then. Love your "Autumn".

I think I'll go wash my sheets right now. I don't do it nearly enought and I too love clean sheets.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

clean sheets are one of my very favorite things. And I really need to send my quilt to the dry cleaner.

Those blocks you made are fabulous! You'll have to do an instructional post. Or maybe even do a giveaway for the craft challenged. *cough, cough*

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Those were the cutest blocks. You need to do a post about how to do them for the less then talented - that means me.

I love the cornstalks on your posts. So festive.

Elise said...

Everything looks so fun and festive! My goodnes, you're busy! It sounds like you're having fun, though-- and yes, very productive!