Saturday, October 25, 2008

Block Directions

Several of you have asked for directions on how to make the cute Autumn blocks my sisters-in-law and I did. I was planning to do my spring/summer set and give you step by step pictures and info, but who knows when that'll get done. So instead, I stole the few pictures that we took from Emily's blog and I'll tell you best I can with these.

6 inch wooden blocks
4 inch wooden letters
scrapbook paper
modge podge
sponge brushes
paper towels

Step One: Buy a 2X4 from Home Depot and cut into 6" lengths. Sand the rough edges.

Step Two: Cut cute, seasonal appropriate scrapbook paper into 8 cm x 13cm pieces. (We used a cm measuring/cutter thingy. I am sure I could convert it to inch measurements, but I would mess it up if I did. Basically the scrapbook paper should be just slightly smaller than the wooden block.)

Step Three: Glue the paper onto the block with modge podge. Just do the backside of the paper to stick it on for now. You'll do the front later. One side of the block will be for Autumn, the other side will be for Winter. (You can do a second set with Summer/Spring as well.)

Step Four: Stain the block and paper with stain. (We used a light tan color.)

Step Five: Paint your letters (we used 4 inch wooden letters), then let them dry.

Step Six: Smear 3 coats of modge podge on top of block and paper.

Extra Step:Enjoy a piece of cheesecake while everything is drying.

Step Seven: Rough up edges of letters with sandpaper and stain if desired to give an antiqued look.

Step Eight: Glue letters on to block with tacky glue and let dry.

Step Nine: Enjoy your masterpieces!


"The Queen in Residence" said...

I am so doing that. What a great and easy project and I just love ModgePodge. We did a project with a tile, a napkin and MP and it turned out so great. What fun - Thank you for sharing that. I now have some Christmas Presents to go make......

Melissa B. said...

Greetings from Virginia, which, of course, is for Lovers, Politics & History! Thanks so much for dropping in for my BATW Day in the Sun...Love your blog & REALLY love this particular post! Please drop by to see me again sometime soon!

Miki said...

Hey, a second detailed instruction for this project (I liked your detail of eating These are neat.

Betty said...

Those look really great!

Just stopping by to thank you for making my BATW day so great!

Have a good weekend!

Wendy said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks for sharing this, Elena! I can't wait to do it with my sisters.

I will make sure I include the cheesecake eating step. I really think it is VITAL to how well the project turned out.

;-) LOL

Mama Williams said...

Oooo I want some! Will you make me some for my birthday? :)

Tamie said...

yeah! thanks so much for posting...i can't wait to share with others and do it myself!
you should have a give-a-way with those cute things :)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I am still thinking that you need to make another set. Your loyal readers who are not crafty and wouldn't know modgepodge from duct tape would most appreciate it :-P long did this take from start to finish?