Friday, June 29, 2007

Puppies and fire.

Today we went to see the puppies one last time before they got their tails docked. (Poor little things!) Anyway the kids were delighted to get to hold the babies a little bit. They were pleasantly surprised by it because they thought they couldn't hold them until the puppies eyes opened. The can't wait to see them again. Halle asks a minium of 10 times a day if we "can go see Layla's puppies now." (No exaggeration!)
Afterwards we walked over to Grammy's house and when we looked out the window we saw LOTS of black smoke and great big flames coming off the old greenhouse wall. The fire in the burn barrel had jumped out and landed on the weeds and instantly spread to the greenhouse. It was QUITE the excitement! Luckily Bryon was home and had spotted it too. He grabbed his hose, jumped his fence and put it out, but not before it had burned the wall a bit. I'll have to wait until I have some pictures of it to post them.
And THEN, while we were all standing around making sure the fire was out, Carter hopped on the lawn mower/train, which Alyssa had left running, and put it into gear and about rammed into Mimi's house. Alyssa and I both took off at a dead run, she beat me there and was able to stop it. It was a bit eventful at our visit today.


LouandAngela said...

I'd say eventful!! YIKES!! So. . .no harm done to boy, machine or house?

Elise said...

Hilarious! I love that Alyssa went sprinting after Carter-- what a good big sister!

Are they selling those puppies? They're way too cute... makes me think we need one.

Anonymous said...

I love the titles of your blog entries....:)