Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Flying High

Jarom's cousin, Jeremy, just recently got his pilot's license and bought a plane. So last night Jarom, Justin, Jeremy, and Johnny (another cousin) all went flying. They did a fly-by over our house and then flew up to Rexburg and back. Jarom had a blast!

This really is a picture of something. See the TINY dot of light? That's the airplane over our house.

The kids were so cute. I wish I would have gotten one of all of them waving to their daddies in the sky. They were screaming and yelling, waving and jumping. They just thought it was so neat that the airplane overhead had passengers they knew and that the plane circled twice just for them. Unfortunatly, the dads couldn't see them from the sky, it was too dark, but they did see the flash from my camera and knew we were down there.

Carter was completely offended that he wasn't invited to go on the airplane too. (And yes, his sweat shirt is on backwards. He insists on doing everything himself and 90% of the time his clothes are on backwards. We've all learned to just ignore it.)


becky ward said...

That was so cool! Kevin is still a little bummed that I declined his invitation. OH well, maybe next time.