Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fun with Fur

This week my roommate from college, Jennifer, (we always call her Fur) and her family came to Idaho Falls. Her hubby had to do some work in this area so she decided to tag along and hang out with Jennie and me. We had a great time and it is was so much fun to have Fur on our turf for once. I think we did about every fun thing I.F. has to offer.

We started out with a picnic at the park and then let the kids swim in the pool at the hotel. That was great fun until Carter fell in the deep end and about died. I was in the hot tub, he told me he was going back to the stairs of the regular pool, I turned my back to grab his life jacket, turned around and saw a TINY head bobbing and gasping for breath in the deep end. Seriously it took only seconds for it to happen. I jumped in and saved the kid, but in the mean time, I think I about had a coronary. I was SOOOO grateful that he was doggy paddling enough to stay at the top of the pool, rather than sink to the bottom, so that I spotted him quickly. When I got home that night I couldn't sleep because my mind kept seeing him in the water and thinking the worst. It was awful. It certainly didn't help with my fear of water. But he didn't seem to be affected by it. He got right back in, (shallow end), and continued to play.

Carter in the hotel room wearing Jacob's mohawk.

After swimming we all met at Jennie and Adam's for a bbq.

Fur recording the kids playing in the bounce house.

The kids all thought it was hilarious to come down the slide on top of each other. Thankfully no one was hurt. They all had a great time.

Ryan, Adam, and Jennie enjoying some conversation.

All the wee-ones with the BIGGEST Popsicles I have ever seen. Left to right, McKenna, Alyssa, Hannah, Kate, Carter, Harrison, Halle, Jacob.

The next day we enjoyed (endured) a trip to the zoo with all 8 kids. (Yes, I know half of them are mine.) Afterwards, we ate lunch at McD's. Nothing like a germy playland to keep the kids entertained.

Carter had SOOO much fun with Jacob. And Jacob was a great sport to let Carter hang on him. It was so cute to see Carter "hangin" with the boys, instead of all girls.

After McDonald's it was time for dessert, so we treated Jennifer and clan to Reed's Dairy for some ice cream. It was so yummy, as always, but very messy. We were all covered in melted ice cream when we were done, and I have to say, Fur was probably the dirtiest.

I gave Carter my camera to keep him entertained so I could visit, and I just cracked up when I got home and saw what he had taken pictures of. SUCH a boy!
To end the fun, we went to Blast-Off for play time and pizza. The kids had an absolute ball.
SCARY boys....I know Elmo isn't scary, but just use your imagination.

Halle, Hannah, and McKenna played store almost the entire time. They just had so much fun and entertained themselves so well.

Miss Alyssa is getting too old to enjoy this type of thing anymore. She played a little bit in the tubes and balls, but the cell phone kept ringing (Bailey) and was the biggest entertainer for her.

Jennifer, Me, Jennie. We're never too old to have a little fun.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo! We had fun! The kids keep asking when we are going back. Thanks again for hosting us for two crazy fun-filled days! :)