Friday, June 22, 2007

Jarom is recovering!

Well, Jarom is getting better SOOOO much faster than usual. Infact, he felt well enough to take me on a date tonight. He didn't eat much, just sat and sipped his soup while I downed fajitas and ate part of his mashed potatoes at Chili's. Mmmmmm....It was really good. Then we went to Home Depot to price things for our basement. We are beginning the process to finish it tomorrow. (Give me strength!) It will be so nice to have done, but I just know the "during" part, will be a daunting task. Afterwards we went down by the river and enjoyed dessert at Brownstones. Our neighbor owns the Snowshack Caboose right there as well, so we stopped in and Jarom got an italian soda. Really yummy and highly recommended. While we were visiting with our neighbor at The Caboose, we saw the fireworks from the new Melaleuca Stadium go off. That was fun. It was a nice evening out and believe it or not, Kate did quite well with the babysitter. I think it was her best experience yet. YAY!!!

On a different subject, Kate poo-pooed in the toilet yesterday (after which she sat and pointed in the toilet and told it "nooooo", I think it scared her a little.) and pottied twice today after telling me she needed to go!! HOORAY!!! We still have a long way to go, but we're on our way to being diaper free in this house. Ahhh, the joys of potty training.


Dawnyel said...

Wow!! I hadn't realized all that you were going thru this week!! *HUGS*
I'm glad things are going better for you now! It's a good thing!! :)

becky ward said...

Sounds like a nice night out. I wonder how long it will be before we venture out on a date again.