Saturday, June 23, 2007

The George and Sophia Nielson Reunion

Today we attended a family reunion for my Grandma's grandparent's descendants. I hardly knew anyone there. It's so sad how quickly the generations grow and you lose contact with your family. It really was a pretty fun reunion though and neat to see the faces of so many relatives I've never seen before.
Good ol' Marjorie, (my grandma's cousin) spoke to us about the lives of George and Sophia.

She got a little long winded. Bryon's face says it all.

Then it was my good ol' Uncle Monty's turn. If you ever need some SERIOUS entertainment, you need to meet this man. He was doing a reenactment of somebody, (I can't even remember who now because his stories had me laughing so hard.) and was explaining how to get a mule team to go. He told how they had to go slow at first until the chains were tight and then you should yell, (and yell he did right into the mic) "Get on you sons of *@!#!" It was so funny. And if you know my Uncle Monty at all, you can just imagine him saying it without thinking twice if kids or anyone is listening. He also shot his gun in the air, for effect and made all the sleeping babies cry. It was just a great laugh all together, but he was fun and entertaining to listen to.

Here's the group trying to form some sort of group photo pose. It's nearly impossible to get everyone to cooperate, but I think they managed to get it done in the end.

There were a lot of fun stations for the kids to visit. Here's Carter and Halle doing the tug-of-war.

Carter was so cute doing the 3-legged race all by himself. He didn't have a partner so I had him just get into the sack to jump to the end. But when he saw everyone else running with one leg out he pulled out a leg and took off. It was such a crack up!

Halle was a FIERCE competitor in the pie-eating contest. She nearly won!
Jarom and I left early and the kids stayed with my folks. I wish I would have left the camera because they did some more really fun things. Alyssa even got to drive Uncle Monty's horse team.


becky ward said...

Look like fun! The look on Bryon's face is priceless.

Elise said...

Now that is a family reunion! I love the old man firing the shotgun-- hilarious! And after seeing Halle, I'm in the mood for pie!