Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Merry Old Month of May

Camera Fun with Friends! This is one of Halle's favorite games to play.

Ashely, Halle, and Taylor.  These three have been together since first grade.  There really isn't anything better than great friends. 

I just could not resist a little photo shoot of my beautiful Kate getting ready for the Mother's Day program.

 May always brings school programs.  This year Alyssa's class wrote their own play.  I was a little nervous about having to sit through it, to be honest.   But it was so clever and hysterical that I went to it twice and enjoyed every single minute of it.  It was a little parody about a group of kids being teleported into different stories. They had Twilight, High School Musical, the Wizard of Oz, and Lord of the Rings. Alyssa was Dorothy and it was SO fun for me to pull out MY old Dorothy costume from back in my own Jr High days when I also played Dorothy for the school musical. The kids did a fantastic job!

 May is also the month for Mrs Ball's big end of the year program.  Her kids work so hard and put on a fantastic program!  Next year I get to look forward to watching both Carter and Kate in it together.
 This kid really does love to sing and has great pitch, but he insists on singing an octave lower which just cracks me up to no end.  He did great on all his speaking and singing parts.

And what would May be without a kindergarten Mother's Day Program? SO fun and special to me as this will be my last kindergarten program to attend.  My babies are all growing up! They each gave a reason why they loved their moms.  Kate's was, "I love my mom because she tells me what to do."  HA!  I'll have to remind her of that during her teenage years.  I have LOVED doing centers with Kate's class this year.  It has been so much fun to get to know all these little cuties.


Lee Ann said...

Oh it was so fun getting caught up! I'm trying too! It's so hard when you're behind...and yes blogger changed everything and is making it so much more difficult.

Your kids are so beautiful (and handsome) and doing such great/fun things! I'm loving watching them grow up through this thing called blogging.