Friday, September 07, 2012

Alyssa Runs for Office

Alyssa came home and announced she was running for 8th Grade Class President.  I was super shocked by the announcement.  Running for a class office was something I NEVER had enough guts to do.  She had no qualms and wasn't even worried about the possibility of losing. (Or of mean kids drawing mustaches on her campaign posters -that happened at my jr high/ high school all of the time.) So we did a little photo shoot.

 Such a beautiful girl I have!
 Put together a campaign slogan, posters, and flyers.
And hung them all around the school. She gave a VERY impressive speech (seriously, where did this girl come from?) and later that week was announced the winner!  There will be 2 class presidents for the 8th grade b/c 2 Jr Highs are combining to form a new Middle School. So technically she is "co-class pres", but we are so excited and proud of her for this accomplishment!  She will do a great job for the school.


Our Family said...

Way to go, Alyssa!! Braver than me, too. And yes, she is a beauty!!

becky ward said...

AWESOME! and i love that picture of her.