Friday, September 07, 2012

And here comes April

Fun Easter Egg Hunt with the Cousins at Grandma's.  Good thing Aunt Becky took some pictures because I don't think I even pulled my camera out.

 Cute little Hippity Hop Spencer! When he crawled it looked just like a bunny hopping.  It was the cutest thing.  Bunny ears were too funny on him.

 And it's just not Easter without dying eggs.  I boiled 4 whole dozen, and we didn't even dye one of them. (But we did enjoy egg salad.)  Good thing Grandma had more ambition! 

Apparently I'm such a good mother this year, that I didn't even get pictures of the kids with their Easter Baskets.  What was I thinking?  I guess I wasn't. Anyway, they did get Easter Baskets and a fun thing or two besides a chocolate bunny.
Halle giving her "curl formers" a try.  These actually make super cute ringlet curls

Carter was a nice brother and let the girls help dig for dinosaur bones.
I guess I didn't get pictures of Alyssa donning her new hot rollers, and again, such a great mom, that I can't even remember what Kate's fun thing was.  I'm thinking it was an Easter Barbie.
And just because bunnies feel Eastery, I'm concluding the Easter post with a couple bunny photos.  .
Thumper enjoying the warmth of his box and the sun on his face for a nap.
Yes we still have all 4 rabbits, and yes they are still loved, and yes they are completely the most spoiled rotten, destructive rabbits in the world. And no, they don't love us nearly as much as they ought to, but my kids think they are the greatest pets in the world