Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

This month I turned 36! Man, I'm starting to get old. My sweet family took great care of me. Jarom made a yummy dinner of tri-tip roast, rosemary rolls, glazed carrots, and twice baked potatoes. He even made a cake and let the girls decorate it. They made sure to put all 36 candles on top.

I got some fun gifts including this new kindle case for my fire. Also on the gift list: new candles, medicine spoons (since all of mine have been chewed up in the garbage disposal), a new Vera scripture bag, some new clothes, and a new Vera wallet. Yes, I was very spoiled.

Some of the party guests. My son has turned into the naughty little boy who must goof off in every picture. But I don't mind. He melts my heart still the same.

Two of my pretty little ladies. These two are so funny. They very much are like oil and water when together (except for the fact that they are very much alike) so a picture of them hugging and smiling is a treasure.

I love my beautiful little family. Thank you to them for making me feel special and oh so loved!


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! You're amazing, and it looks like you had a FANTASTIC celebration!!!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm glad it was a fun day for you! You are looking gorgeous as always!

Lee Ann said...

Oh Happy Birthday!!!!! Glad they spoiled you so well!

Jennifer said...

36? You're just a baby!!! Happy Birthday! You look fabulous for "36" ;)

CB said...

Crap you are getting old!

Ha Ha Just kidding!! 36 is so dang young. Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

Love that you were so spoiled :-D

The CEO said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Oh, and about your New Year's Post...Brent and I were doing the math and with mission and high really are celebrating your 20th :)
Love you!

Brandon and Emily said...

Happy Birthday Elena! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Gina said...

Uh, Hello???!
36 is NOT old.
I refuse to be old.
Happy birthday.