Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bye Bye Baby

In mid-December we learned that my brother-in-law Bryon got a new job offer in Washington and that they would be moving in just a few short weeks. That meant that we would no longer be babysitting my cute niece Josie. It was a sad sad day when we had to say goodbye. We (me in particular) had grown quite attached to little miss Josie Pants.

She had finally stopped frowning at me when I babysat, and was talking and smiling at me.

We had figured out some likes and dislikes. He biggest like, sitting up in the saucer and watching t.v. I've only known one other baby that liked t.v. as much, and that was my Alyssa.

I miss kissing on that little bald head. I wish my sister and her family the very best of luck in their new endeavor and can't wait to squeeze this little cutie again soon.


Lee Ann said...

It's so hard to be away from family - especially when they're that cute!