Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

I don't know what it was this year, but the magic of Christmas with it's glitter and gold, never did hit me. Decorations were more of an obligation this year than a joy, but I did find one little corner in my house that made my heart happy every time I glanced at it. All those sweet little homemade crafts and school projects were so cute clumped together. I know I won't have "corners" like this for too much longer, so I just had to capture a picture to keep forever.

On Christmas Eve, my dad loaded us up on the bus, aka "the Roller Express", and we went around town light looking. It was an adventure and a memory for sure.

The Roller Express Conductor and his trusty side kick Cameron.

Grandma Ruby, Cameron, and me on the bus. It was fun to have my nephew Cameron with us this year. He's getting so big and talkative. We loved hearing him say, "Hanna Caus bring me juice!"

My girls on the bus.

When the bus ride was over, we came home and opened our Christmas Eve gifts. New jammies and ornaments.

The scene Santa left on Christmas morning!

New bikes for Christmas! Then time to open the rest of the gifts.

Halle got a triple barrel and she has loved doing her hair with it.

Alyssa excited about her Monopoly game. She has wanted this one for a while.

This kid is Trouble with a capital T. :)

New lipsticks for Kate!

Santa was super tricky and left another present hidden under the Christmas Tree. Kindle Fires for all!

This was pretty much the scene for the rest of the morning.

Love this picture.
I have to say this was the quietest Christmas we've ever experienced.

Not to worry, we did take advantage of this no snow year and took an exercise break on our new bikes.
Seriously, this is the most snow we've had this winter. I'm glad we got it for Christmas day. And I'm also glad that the sidewalks were still clear so the kids could play on their bikes.

The little trickster.

In the evening, after church, we went out to my mom's for a nice dinner and the annual Christmas Nativity. My friend Katie and her kids joined us and we made them dress up and participate too. I'm sure this was a Christmas she'll never forget.


Our Family said...

How fun!! You guys have some great Christmas traditions. I LOVE that you have the family bus - I need to talk my grandparents into one of those. And holy cow, Alyssa looks so grown up and beautiful!! You have an adorable family!

Lee Ann said...

Sorry you weren't "feeling" it this year :) But, it looks like it all turned into a Merry Christmas. Love all the fun things your family does!

Mama Williams said...

Now doesn't that feel better? Thanks for the blog update! Always fun! I have news...we need to talk soon.