Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Texas comes to Idaho

In August, we were excited to learn that my cousin Tonya and her daughter Callie were going to jump in the car and drive from Texas to Idaho. It was so nice for us to be able to get to know Callie a little better. We just don't get to see our Texas family enough.
Callie had many sleep overs at our house during the week. She fit right in.

Callie came bearing gifts, Silly Bandz. Something I had not yet heard of. But now I see them EVERYWHERE. My kids were in heaven trading and arranging their bracelet bands.

We did many fun things like attend the zoo. It was a cool rainy day and I think we about froze our thin blooded Texans to death.

We went to Rexburg to see more cousins and played miniature golf,

in the dark. (Note to self: Flashes in the dark make things appear bright.)

And our shoes glowed something cool!

We went for a walk through the university gardens.

We enjoyed Idaho Fall's finest ice cream...Reed's. Mmmmmm...

And climbed in trees while waiting for Tonya to go find out just exactly why the poor milk cows' tails were chopped off. (A sight I wish I hadn't seen, because now I can't enjoy the ice cream as much. Poor cows.) Reed's answer: "Because they can become lethal weapons during milking." My thoughts: "Tie the tail down during milking. Do you really need to cut it off?"

We even started up our own cover band for Hannah Montana.

We had a great time with our cousins! We hope to see you all again sooner rather than later next time!!


Grammy said...

Couldn't the Idaho cousins spare a jacket for the Texas cousin? I thought she was the thin blooded one. Ha!

Allisyn said...

last weekend I was down in Idaho Falls and we went to Reed's Dairy for Cheese Curds. And I did see those cows and felt so sad for them.. also I saw a few cows that made me even sadder..:( I figured that the next time I will have to put shades on.

hoLLy said...

how fun you got to hang out with tonya and callie!!

and welcome to the world of silly bandz...they are all over my house!

CB said...

Very fun! And so great to see you showed them all the great things about Idaho especially Reed's Dairy! Yum!

Our Family said...

Mmmmm, was Reed's the place we went with you? I crave that place every so often, and think we need to go back there with you again sooner than later!