Monday, September 27, 2010

The Boy Squad

I'm going to sit myself right down and catch this blog up today. It's driving me crazy to be behind, and I'm finding myself less and less motivated to blog in general. I'm hoping that if I catch up, then I'll find the joy in blogging again, rather than feel the drudgery of being behind. Normally, I say, "Just start where you are and don't play catch up." But I have some fun memories from this summer and I want these pictures in my books. So I'm just going to post the highlights, and then.....I'll be ready to start fresh once October hits.

August was our month for visits from friends and family. Every single weekend we were blessed with company. It made for a very busy, but very fun month. The day that my cousin Tonya and Callie left, our dear friends, the Peterson's came to spend the weekend with us.

It's been two years since we've all been together. The last time, cute little 7 & 8 year old Halle and Ethan declared they were going to get married. This time 9 & 10 Halle and Ethan had cooties I think. But they still got along great.

Kate and Liam didn't seem to notice each other's cooties and had a great time hanging out playing DS and coloring.

We decided to brave going to the river for the "Great Duck Race". We had to get the famous "I.F. temple shot".

James was so cute to just climb in Jarom's lap. It made Carter mighty jealous that another little boy had his daddy's lap.

We sat and waited for the big dumpster full of plastic ducks to drop it's load.

Here they come!

It was a hot day and we took a much needed rest in the shade, while we sipped lemonade and ate corn dogs.

Snowcones were a must!

After a VERY full morning, we came home Allred sign in tow, and then left the children to their own demise while the adults enjoyed dinner at Famous Dave's.

We're so glad the Peterson's could come our way!! Thanks for making the trek!


Trish said...

Tell me. Why didn't anyone comment on this one?! So fun!

I understand the not feeling it with blogging. Seriously. And I really want to make a return... *sigh*

I love that you had Jennifer and Co. out to visit! So fun!