Monday, September 27, 2010

Bear Lake Roomies

Every one to two years my college roommates and I try to get together. This year Fur came to I.F. (Her name is Jennifer, which we lovingly shortened to "Fer", but choose to spell "Fur" cause it's funnier that way.) Her hubby, Ryan, had work to do in I.F., so she and the kiddos tagged along. Jennie (my other roommate) and her family have a cabin in Bear Lake and invited ALL of us to tag along, spouses, kids, and the like. We had a great time!

The roomies, me, Jennie, and Fur.

The future roomies? Fur's Hannah, My Halle, Jennie's McKenna. These girls get along so well. Who knows what the future holds for them?

What's more fun than taking some good old fashioned self portraits?

Not quite sure what Halle is doing here. Looks like she's trying to TKO poor little Tyler.

Popsicle Party!

The girls with the lake in the back ground. Gorgeous!

Lots of Guitar Hero during the weekend. McKenna's face TOTALLY cracks me up in this picture. Such a rocker!

Little guy's with big guitar's melt my heart. (Tyler giving it his best.)

Baby Addie in one of the few seconds she wasn't being mauled by someone. There were LOTS of little mommies (and a few big people) that wanted to love on Addison.

The boys had a great time running and romping and being wild together. In fact, they were running so much, that I don't have hardly any pictures of them.

We had fun taking the 4 wheelers for little jaunts.

When we got to the top, some of us had to practice our modeling skills. (Fur you Crack. Me. Up!)

What's Bear Lake without going to the Lake? (And yes, the water really is that blue.) After playing on the beach and having our skin exfoliated from the blowing sand (it was WINDY), we decided to head to a different place and try out the jet skis.

Fur & Hannah ready to get wet.

Unfortunately, Jennie and sweet baby Addie did get wet when little Tyler floored the throttle of the jet ski just as Jennie was trying to get on to ride to the dock. It was very scary, but thankfully everyone was okay. However, Jennie decided not to come play on the dock with us.

The rest of us had a great time playing around. Adam and Jacob playing on the jet ski.

The giant tube was a riot.

Even Fur and I had a turn. Yes, that's Adam pulling us.

We didn't cover our faces for vanity reasons. We were just wimps and couldn't breath when the water would splash us in the face.

After a very fun time on the lake we went back tot he cabin and ordered the biggest pizza I've ever seen.

We tried to put Tyler next to the pizza to show just how big it really was, but I think he thought we were going to eat him.

A great big thank you to Jennie and Adam for hosting all of us! And a thanks to Fur and Ryan for joining us! We had a blast.


Sherrie said...

Oh my gosh! That sounds like so much fun!

CB said...

Looks like a fun time!
I am going to bear lake in 2 weeks can't wait!!
That pizza was Gigantic Holy Moly!!

Jennifer Jamison said...

I love the pics of our girls together! The pic of us in the tube... um, not so much... :)

Lee Ann said...

Oh that all looks like so much fun!!!! Few can crack one up like you can FUR!!!!!

Mama Williams said...

Since I knew all of you girls back in the day it's especially fun to see how much your kids look and act like YOU! Funny!

Mrs. X said...

Looks like so much fun! How do you have the energy for all those activities??

Jennifer P. said...

b,b,b big pizza scarry


Trish said...

That's the biggest pizza I have ever seen. That seriously looks like SO much fun.