Monday, November 02, 2009

Oodles of Fun

Halloween weekend was full of fun. I loved having Halloween on Saturday. We got to party all day Friday, and then make a full day of it again on Saturday.

First we helped with Carter's class party. Here we are playing "pass the pumpkin".

Next up, Halle's class to help with the whipped cream eating contest.

Carter wasn't about to be left out of the party, whether it was his class or not.

As you can see, no one seemed to mind a bit that he was joining in. (And yes, this is a different set of kids from the picture above. He would have participated in every single round if I'd have let him.) Halle has got the best little kids in her class. All of them are so sweet and accepting. (Don't ask me where Kate was. She kind of ran all over the place and had a grand ol' time.)

After school parties were over, it was time to head to the church ward party where Billy Ray Cyrus guarded the jump house. LOL!!

I had to snap a couple of pictures of some of the other awesome costumes that showed up. I wish I would have taken more. Here's a Cave Mama and her hatchling. I love how the carrier was an egg!

And how classy are these vampires?! His necklace is real silver (thank goodness he wasn't a real live/dead vampire) and black onyx. It was awesome.

On Saturday, we started things off with a viewing of Astro Boy. I was very pleasantly surprised at how cute this movie was. And I think Carter has a new favorite show to quote from.

And then it was time to trick-or-treat! We headed over to Grandma's trunk-or-treat where we got everything from Krispy Kreme donuts to bags of cheetos! Then we hit Aunt Mimi, Grammy, and Grandma Ruby. She gave the older girls something extra special (along with candy)...drum roll please...shower caps!!! It was all I could do to not snort out loud!! But they were a hit and Halle is SO excited to own one, she says she's always wanted one. Oh gave me a good chuckle.

Carter was a pirate this year. He wouldn't let me draw a beard on him though. And honestly I don't think he cared one iota what his costume was, as long as it involved a toy weapon, he was happy.

Little Thumbelina put her sparkles on all by herself and would show EVERYONE her wings.

Alyssa went to a birthday party on Halloween day and they made these cute little witch masks. She thought about wearing it to trick or treat in,

then changed her mind.

Halle was Dorothy this year. I think Grandma's little Dorothy costume has been through almost all of the granddaughters. Unfortunately, there were no ruby slippers in Halle's size to be found in town, so we went with pink rubies this year. She was such a great sport and didn't even complain about it a bit.

We got home late from visiting everyone, so we didn't even start handing candy out from our house until 7:30. By 8:15 we were out of candy....200 pieces in 45 minutes. It was nuts; so many people!! I think it is safe to say, we had a very full and fun Halloween!


Unknown said...

Cute cute cute!!! They are all just adorable!!!

I vividly remember being SOOO jealous of my grandma's shower cap and getting SO excited once when we went to a hotel and they had a FREE ONE IN THE ROOM!!!!

Mama Williams said...

I love to see what costumes they pick each year. Fun! And my word that is a lot of candy in such a short time! You may want to leave to Granny's every year just to escape the crazies! LOL!

Dawnyel said...

I totally LOL'd at the "Billy Ray Cyrus" comment. He really DID look like Billy Ray. LOL

Lula! said...

Little Thumbelina looks exactly like Little Elena. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Scott and I dressed as redneck vampires. Yeah, the pictures are hilarious. But they won't be up on Lulaville. I have a rep to protect.

Lee Ann said...

looks like lots of fun! Love all the costumes. We probably had 30 kids come. Next year will probably be ZERO!!! :( That's what you get when you live in the middle of no-where.

Tonya said...

OH.... wow shower caps I am so jealous. I may have to add this one to my blog too funny. I have never heard of such a thing. The kids look great love their costumes.

Hey don't worry about blogging about the We Care. My brother will hopefully be home in December or January at the latest. So it would be tough if packages get to him to much later. Thanks though love ya!

Grammy said...

You should be ward historian and take fun pictures of all the activities....
And if only we had known that Halle had always wanted a shower cap and had been deprived of such an exotic gift, what were we thinking?

Grammy said...

Oh, and love Carter's eyepatch (that doesn't quite seem to cover his eye). LOL

Elise said...

Oh my goodness! No one knows how to rock Halloween like you guys! What great costumes!!!

So, we went to the 1:30 library day on Thursday because I was being lazy. We'll be there this week though!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Ya'll had a very cool Halloween! It rained here. All day. And even that night it was misting. I can't remember the last time it rained on Halloween. Yuck.

And the shower caps?! Why oh why?? Who wears shower caps anyway? Well. I guess Michael did when he couldn't get his staples wet. But really. Who wears them?