Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I Feel Giddy, Oh So Giddy...

Okay, this is my best coupon shopping trip yet and I got so giddy about it, my left arm started aching and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. (I'm totally not kidding. Apparently I need to get out more.) Anywho... I went to Smiths tonight and this is what I got:

    • 9 boxes of Kleenex
    • 13 bottles of Gatorade
    • 4 bags Halls cough drops
    • 5 bottles of Tylenol
    • 4 packages feminine pads (I have 3 daughters, got to start stocking up.)
    • 8 packs Orbit gum
    • 1 tube Colgate toothpaste
    • 6 cans veggies
    • 5 cans evaporated milk
    • 6 boxes granola bars
    • 3 bottles Snuggle softener
    • 2 boxes saltines
    • 5 boxes hot chocolate

    Total without savings card = $164

    Total w/savings card = $79

    Total w/ savings card + coupons = $55 !!!


    Elena's Mom said...

    Maybe you need to give lessons (me included).

    The Manwaring Family said...

    YEAH! Go Elena! You did awesome!

    Mama Williams said...

    Sweet! I got in on that sale too! Don't you just love it!

    Unknown said...

    Nicely done!!!

    Keys to the Magic Travel said...

    So giddy it demanded a blog post! Ummm...what is Smith's? Have I asked this before? Did we have a conversation about this and CVS? Or am I imaginging this? I get excited about the idea of saving money. Somehow it is not one of my gifts!

    Miki said...

    Oh for heaven's SAKES!!! LOL! Look at you. I'm so jealous. Just yesterday Carolina and I were talking up a storm about your couponing. We stared at the ground afterwards kicking the dirt. We both agreed we need to do it! Gosh darn you!

    Funniest part: your your really) but really...


    Lee Ann said...

    OOH, OOOh, OOOH I love me some coupons and sales!

    Addicting isn't it?

    Brandy said...

    WOW!!!! I always forget my coupons or the savings cards maybe one day I'll remember so I can get great deals like this. I think I'll make it my new years resolution!

    Tonya said...

    Good for you! I know I need to be better about using them. It is amazing what I save when I do use them.

    CB said...

    Wow! That is quite the savings! You are on to something. Good job girl :D

    Unknown said...

    Teach me PLEASE....You so Rock!