Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Halle!

It's Halle's big number 9 today! Her last year in single digits.

Halle is the spark of energy in our family. She is a spunky little girl with a great big heart. She loves babies more than anyone I know, and absolutely can not resist touching when she sees one. She is such a passionate person and loves to laugh, giggle, and just be down right silly. She has one of the greatest smiles on earth. Halle is constantly cracking me up with the things she says and does. She loves bugs and animals, and it wouldn't shock me a bit if she grows up to be a biologist. Halle is always on the go and her mind is constantly thinking up something new to create. She is one of the most creative people I know. If there is gluing, cutting, coloring, painting, or taping involved, Halle is all over it. She loves to hug and snuggle, and there is not a day that goes by that she doesn't say. "I love you." She is a little sweetheart and we are lucky and blessed to have her in our family. We love our Halle Loo.

She requested pancakes for her birthday breakfast today.

On Friday we celebrated with a birthday party. The day started out with the traditional b-day outfit. Doesn't she look so grown up with her new haircut?

Aunt Mimi cut a good 6 inches off earlier this week.

The do is darling on Halle!

I was trying to get a picture of Halle and her cake, and last minute she grabbed the blower. See what I mean about being a silly kid. She sure loves to have fun.

Speaking of the cake...Halle's request this year was a "pumpkin patch". I thought I could just get those candy corn pumpkin candies to decorate with, but apparently those are only available at Halloween. So I made fondant pumpkins instead. I was pretty pleased with myself for my first try with fondant.

And while I'll allow myself to pat myself on the back for a decent looking cake, the turkey for "pin the tail on the turkey" is a completely different story. I am SOOOO not an artist! And the only reason I am posting this picture is because I just couldn't help but laugh at my turkey and his breasts wings. I thought maybe you all could use a giggle too.

There was a pinata this year. We chanced it and brought a ladder into the house on Friday the 13th. Ooooooo....good thing a black cat didn't come walking by. ;)

And although the games were fun, I think the best part was finding Mom's camera unattended. This was just one of many great photos I found.

Of course presents are always the highlight of the party. She got so many great gifts. Everything from an art easel, barbie, shrinky dinks, to board games and a homemade teddy bear.

We gave her a little robotic stuffed animal leopard. He growls and purrs and blinks his eyes and such. She has named him Spot.

I think it is safe to say that Halle has had a great birthday weekend.

Now the candles have been blown out and we wait another year to do it all over again.


Mama Williams said...

Lenes! I LOVE the new hair cut!! So grown up indeed. Beautiful, darling Halle!
I can't believe you made fondont pumpkins. Wow!! I thought they were store bought...the turkey...I thought the kids drew it. LOL!!! We have the same skills there so I'm laughing with you NOT at you.
Happy Birthday!!

becky ward said...

the cake is beautiful. impressive with those fondant pumpkins...and the bow tied around it was a nice touch!
halle is looking so adorable in her outfit and with her haircut. happy birthday halle! she is so loving, silly, and entertaining! (; glad it was a good day of celebrating.

and lets not forget that breasted turkey! ROTFL!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday, Halle!!! That cake is impressive and I'm sure it was tasty! I wish we were all closer to each other so we could celebrate b-day's together! Tell everyone "hi"!

Deanna said...

What a darling!

I can see what you mean by the turkey, but honestly, my map of the world looked like ameba's...LOL!

The cake looks beautiful! :) LOVE those darling pumpkins!

Tonya said...

The cake is great! I love her haircut. I wish I could get Callie to cut her hair.

Happy Birthday Halle, you look so much older with the new hairstyle. Well with that in mind maybe I don't want Callie to get her hair cut not just yet.

You girls are all growing up way too fast!

Deidra Smith said...

I was just thinking to myself how grown-up Halle looked in her new outfit and hair do when I scrolled down and saw that's exactly what you said. Lol. She looks great, and glad she had a great birthday. Happy Birthday Halle!!

Natalie and Quin said...

I agree with Willy. I thought that maybe one of the kids (possibly Halle on for her own party) drew the anatomically correct foul fowl with Oobies. It is not like we haven't heard her talk about them before. I liked the pumpkins on the cake.

Amanda Rigby said...

Wow Halle looks so grown up and so beautiful. That cake is pretty awesome. I thought the wings were some kind of weird closed eyes with eyelashes.

Lee Ann said...

What do you mean you're not creative?!!! Look at that cake and those pumpkins! I think your cakes rock!

What a beautiful girl she is!