Friday, September 04, 2009

Tummy Trouble at the Tea Party

My girls' church class planned a tea/hat party for moms and daughters. We were to create and wear matching hats. My girls were all over this. Especially Halle, this girl loves to create. She had all sorts of ideas: A hat covered in cookies, one with butterflies sticking out all over the place, one with candy bars glued on, a nest sitting on top of the hat with a bird glued to it, a pretend fish bowl made from a plastic bowl, etc. etc. etc. We finally settled on a "beach themed" hat with seashells and star fish.

We worked on our hats and got them to perfection and then....duhn duh dunnnn....Halle's tummy ache hit. Exactly one hour to the minute before we were to go to the party. Oh she was so sad. And I was sad for her. And Alyssa was sad because she thought she was going to have to miss out.

We went anyway. Halle spent over half the time in the bathroom and the evening concluded with her throwing up all over the church lawn. Poor little girl. (Not to worry, she made sure she wasn't where anyone would step.)

Then...Kate got it and Carter got it....and now...we've got some funky little tummy trouble going on over here. Just keeps lingering on and none of us dare venture very far from a toilet. (If you get my drift.) Oh the joys of viruses.


Gina said...

EWWW! Yeah, our kid has a cough- that hacks and hacks and hacks and then pukes!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Yuck. Poor you. Poor kiddos.

Lee Ann said...

Poor things!
those stinking viruses. Get it? I'm so funny!

Natalie and Quin said...

Don't you just love the first week of school? All that good bug sharin' a goin' on. I am sad for your kids. No one likes to be sick. Halle may just one day have to go to the Kentucky Derby with all of her hat ideas.

Brenda said...

So Sorry, I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Does it get you out of your Sunday duties????

Tonya said...

Oh... I am so sorry you kids got sick what a bummer.