Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Money Game

So I admitted the other day that I've started couponing. I'll be the first to say I NEVER wanted to coupon. I can't stand getting in line behind a coupon lady. I think her purchase is over with and get ready for my turn, and then she pulls out the binder....argghhhh. I also thought, "I'm sure if I just go to Walmart and get all this stuff, I could pay the same price without a coupon. How much can I save with a coupon anyway?"

But my sister-in-law, Kaylin, kept telling me about these amazing deals she was getting (some things even for free). And with being self employed and all....well, saving a little money couldn't be a bad thing. Then, I saw a special on food network about thegrocerygame.com. This woman was paying $60 for a $250 purchase. I thought, "What can it hurt? I'll give it a try."

So Kaylin has been patiently teaching me and I have slowly started getting deals and (here's the best part) filling my food storage pantry. It's such a rush to see the total, hand over the stack of coupons, and see that total drop in half. Seriously, I am addicted. Don't worry, I am a very polite coupon lady. I only shop late at night, or early in the morning a)so I have fewer or no kids with me and b) so the store is fairly empty and I'm not holding up the line.

I decided to do a little comparison shopping. I bought the following things from Target and Albertsons, using coupons and paid about $70 for all. (Now remember I am a BEGINNING couponer and only have ONE insert of coupons to use, so that total isn't all that impressive.)

*not pictured: 2 boxes Eggo brand waffles, cake mix, and Hubba Bubba gum
12 count Bounty paper towels
120 load Downy softener
1 gallon milk
1 gallon chocolate milk
1/2 gallon chocolate soy milk
3 bags blueberry grapes
2 lb bag carrots
4 chicken breasts
2 boxes Right Bites cookies
1 bottle Welches grape jelly
1 3 count pack schick quatro razors
1 tube colgate advance whitening toothpaste
1 stick Secret deodorant
1 box Fruit Loops
2 boxes Pop Tarts
1 loaf Wonder bread
1 pair Converse shoes for Alyssa
1 box 100 count envelopes

Then I went to Walmart and priced the exact same items to see if I really saved anything. The total at Walmart if I hadn't used any coupons was $93, and if I had used my coupons the total would have been $82. So by shopping the ads and couponing at Albertsons and Target I still saved $12. I'm telling you....couponing is the way to go.


Tonya said...

Way to Go!.... I couponed for a while and then found I was buying things that I really didn't use. I needed to be more disciplined. Good for you!

Deanna said...

That is indeed impressive! i'm worried I'll do what Tonya described...but i'm proud of you!

Dimick's said...

How awesome is that? Deep down I know that there are savings to be found with just a little coupon, but I have yet to venture that route. I'm impressed that you actually did comparison shopping, very cool. Good Luck!

Gina said...

Next, you could send your S-I-L over to me. I am a coupon idiot!
Do you find that coupons are for prepackaged items- which we usually don't use in meals?

The Manwarings said...

Way to go, Elena!! And what are blueberry grapes? That sounds good!

Lee Ann said...

You go girl! I love me some coupon shopping!!!! And, I LOVE have stuff stored up. It just makes me content to look at a pantry bursting at the seems!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Michael does all the coupon clipping around here since he does the shopping. I have been sending him to read blog posts I have found about saving money - going to CVS - and other coupons you can find online.

CB said...

I have a friend like your SIL who saves SO much with coupons. They totally go to the Grocery Game website and sometimes they have gotten like $200 worth of groceries for like $10 it is amazing.
Good luck and if you keep up with it I am sure you will become an expert!!

Wendy said...

Hey there, kindred spirit! I could've written this post. I'm a newbie, too and don't get into it like I could.

BUT -- I'm totally stoked at my shelves and freezer filling up. I use the coupons, but the shopping lists that identify the 3,4, and 5 star deals at my store are what really excite me. I totally capitalize on those sales.

BTW, I am a nice coupon lady too. I always have my already cut coupons in hand so all they have to do is scan them. No waiting while I fumble around....

I use pinching your pennies.com but my favorite site right now is the She Shops Smart blog.

Mama Williams said...

I've been getting double coupon inserts in the paper for years. I love saving $50 in coupons alone then ad matching too in one stop.

Remember that the smallest portion/box item, on sale, with a coupon will always be a better buy than the Economy brand. Happy shopping.

Trish said...

Yes, I have been a coupon addict for years. We have CouponSense here, do you? But of course you already know, I am cheap, cheap, cheap!

Trish said...

A badger? This is what I'm picturing:

The Wolfs said...

would you be willing to teach me the coupon tricks i can never seem to get it right! Oh and anytime you want i can show you how to make the pjs they are super super easy. Trust me if i can do it you can too. let me know and i would be happy to help out :)