Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Carter's Reaction

Carter officially had his first day of school today. Yesterday was just a meet & greet and I stayed the whole time with him. Today he did the whole thing by himself. (He didn't even turn around and wave as he walked in...little bugger.)

When I picked him up after school I asked him what they did. He said, "They made me count to 200. It was exhausting!"

Other than exhausting himself with counting, he loved it. And so far, coloring is his favorite part.


Deanna said...

I get exhausted counting to 5 with Tanner! LOL!

Glad it went well.

Did you find a sub? We ARE going to be out of town...so sorry!

Tamie said...

that is FUNNY!!!!! exhausting is such a fun word to hear out of a kidlets mouth! glad that he did ok in kindergarten ;)

Deidra Smith said...

What a goof! Glad he had a good first day.

Dimick's said...

At least you get some info out of Carter. Everyday this week I have asked Aria what she learned that day, her answer, "I don't know"
-sounds productive :)

I'm sure your house has been a lot crazier this week than mine, as we’ve been trying to get into the swing of another school year. Your girls (& Carter) are so cute; I hope they've had a great first week.

Jennifer P. said...

oh! Such a sweetie! Liam decided he wanted to be homeschooled for kindergarten...I'm not complaining :).

Give Carter big hugs. He sure is a cutie pie!

Lula! said...

Couting to 2 is exhausting to me...Carter is a CHAMP!

Trish said...

Our little boys started school......

I just hope Carter can stay awake for it all!!

That is impressive that he can count to 200!