Friday, September 28, 2007

Soda Springs, ID

Last Saturday we drove to Soda Springs (about 2 hours from here) for a family get together for Jarom's mom's side of the family.

Waiting for the Soda geyser to blow.


Emily rode with us and endured the day with our kids. What a good sport.

I don't know why I continue to buy my kids toys. They love dirt and rocks probably even more than the expensive toys. These kids were filthy when we got home.

Jarom's family listening to stories about Uncle Don Harding.

Amber, Katie, and Natalie.

After the party was over, we decided to follow Jarom's parents home the backway. (Through the mountains to look at the changing leaves.) After driving for 1 hour and 45 minutes, we ended back up at Soda Springs!! It was quite the experience. (Always something right?!) So we endured 2 more hours and took the freeway to be sure to find our way! We made it home in the end and then enjoyed homemade chili and watched a BYU football game to end the night.


Mama Williams said...

That sounds terrible! I hate driving in circles with kids in the car. I hope the leaves were worth it.

Anonymous said...

If only you could have hired a mountainman that lives near Soda...I bet you would have made it home then.

The CEO said...

That's right in Brent's backyard!! Fun times.

becky ward said...

Leave it to Lola to get you lost! Sad we missed that adventure! (: