Monday, September 24, 2007

He's officially 32!

The party's over and now it's time to clean up. Jarom is officially 32. Thanks to everyone who came. We had a full house and that always makes it so much fun. Here are a few highlights.

We got Jarom a mini fridge to keep at his office. I think he was pretty excited about it. Now all he needs is a microwave and bed roll and he can live there.

"Look! It can even make ice!"

There were so many candles that the frosting started melting.


Anonymous said...

Good grief, you were supposed to go to bed, and here you are blogging! Thanks for the party. Happy Birthday, Jarom.

becky ward said...

No kidding! I looked at your blog tonight hoping to see a new post but knowing you had such a crazy day that there wouldn't be any. Thanks for pleasing me!

PS the cake was delightful!

Jennifer P. said...

happy birthday to jaaaa-roooom! happy birthday to you! Sorry we couldn't be there to eat all your cake and not bring you a present--ha! ha! Hope you had a fabulous day and that the year ahead is full of many pleasant surprises!

Elise said...

Holy cow-- that cake looks like it is about to burn the house down! What an old man!

Just kidding, Jarom-- Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

This picture of Carter with his cheeks puffed out really makes him look like that picture of Grampy on Grandma's wall.