Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Natalie!

SURPRISE!!! Bet you didn't know today was your birthday did you? :) Actually, my sister-in-law celebrated her birthday on September 4th, but we (as you all know) were out of town and away from the pictures on my computer. So, sorry about the late birthday post, but I still wanted to make sure I wished you a VERY happy birthday. I had to steal a few pictures from your blog. I can't seem to find any of mine from our visits to L.A. and Vegas. I think I just haven't transferred them back to my hard drive from when my computer died. Natalie and her cute little niece, Evelyn.
One of my all time favorite pictures of Natalie donning her biker gear!

Halle and Alyssa with Natalie on her wedding day.