Thursday, September 06, 2007


Well, my kids have been asking to see pictures so I thought I would share a few of our highlights thus far. Our first day we spent in Honolulu and visited Pearl Harbor and Wakiki beach. It was really neat to be at Pearl Harbor and tour amongst all of the Japanese tourists.

Here is Cale Sterling a survivor from the attack on Pearl Harbor. (I didn't mean to put this picture in, but I am on Jarom's laptop and am not the best at navigating it, :) )

Here we are with the Duke of surfing on Wakiki Beach! What a beautiful beach. the water is so clean and warm and seems so family friendly. We thought we would just wde a bit since our suits were packed away back at our hotel. Of course we ended up wet up to our waists and had to board the ship looking oh-so-lovely in our wet clothes. But it was so much fun, it didn't matter.

The next morning we arrived in Hilo, Hawaii and took a helicopter tour over Volcano National Park. I was TERRIFIED that I would get motion sick, but as luck would have it, we got to sit in the very front of the helicopter and that helped me a lot. We have lots of neat pictures and videos of our ride that I am sure we'll show you all later. I'll just say that is was spectacular and a MUST do if you ever come to Hilo.

The next day we arrived in Maui. We had a rental car and toured the west coast of the island. We decided to stop and play in the ocean and relax on a small beach. (I think it was called Papalaua Beach.) I am a GIANT whimp when it comes to playing in the water and thought I would just wade in the sand. Jarom talked me into going a bit deeper and I started having fun in riding the waves in. The bottom was a little bit rocky and I thought to myself, "One more wave and then I better go get my water shoes on." Well, the one more wave hit and I SLICED my foot on a rock. It was nasty deep, dirty, and long and I couldn't walk on it. So off to Maui Memorial Emergency room we went. After a 3 hour wait, a horrific cleansing with a brissled brush, a tetnus shot, and a lovely HUGE bandage, (no stitches, WHEW!), we were finally off to our Laua. (Now I just limp along like a gimp. Jarom tried to buy me a walking stick, but my pride is too strong to allow it.)

We went to a Luau at the Hyatt Hotel in Lahaina at the Kaanapali Beach. The setting was beautiful, and the performers (withe the exception of the singer YIKES!) were great it was a good time.
This was the neatest walk through Wainapanapa State Park. There were fruit trees and palm trees everywhere, but mostly I wanted to post this picture because Jarom did such a great job making me look 20 lbs. lighter! :)

Don't know why this picture got stuck down here, but this is from our Laua.
We are having a great time, but I am already looking forward to coming home and seeing my kids. Funny how being gone does that.


LouandAngela said...

I didn't expect you would blog while on vacation! Way to go! You ARE an addict! :) I'm glad! My friend Pauline lives in Maui (sp?) but is on Kona island until the 10th or 11th--they're visiting the temple. When do you get back? Looks like you're having a wonderful time (minus the foot injury, OUCH)! Are you serious about Jarom doctoring the picture of you? I love the one of you with your cute hat and Hawaiian dress! I'm glad you're having such a great time!

Anonymous said...

Let's get to more serious matters.... Did you find a coconut bra for Halle? :)

The Manwarings said...

I am so jealous. It is so beautiful there and you look like you're having so much fun. Sure beats all of the fair traffic in my backyard. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and that your foot gets better. That stinks. By the way, you look good in more than just that one picture! Way to go, Elena!!
By the way, have you found any coconut bras yet, I could use one, too.

Jonathan & Rachel said...

How fun that we get to see pictures while you are still on your trip!!! That seems like the best way to see Hawaii-on a cruise! Would you ever take kids? Sorry about your foot-not too fun. You look great and like you guys are having tons of fun!

Elise said...

I agree with everyone-- you look incredible in all of these pictures! I love the hat, too. You just don't get the opportunity to wear big floppy hats in normal, everyday life. Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back to Hawaii right this minute! I want to see the volcanoes.

Glad you guys are having so much fun!

becky ward said...

Bummer about your foot! I hope you heal quickly.

Lula! said...


it is my DREAM to go to Hawaii...especially before Spring of '10, 'cause they'll be finished shooting the series by then. I told Scott that it would be a fabulous anniversary present for me--our 10th is in 2010. So far he's not getting serious about it. I have all winter/spring/summer to work on him, though.

And yeah, I do want to see the glory and splendor and beauty that is Hawaii...not just Lost stuff. But seriously...mostly just Lost stuff.