Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Poor little Kate

This morning Kate was trying to climb onto Jarom's desk and knocked a box off that had some plastic sticks in it. Of course she went down with it and came up with a bloody face. The sticks apparently scratched her. As ugly as her eyelid looks, I am so glad she had her eye closed. As you can see it hasn't slowed her down much.

I told her to close her eyes so I could get a picture of the eyelid, but instead she folded her arms and got ready to pray. She's so cute and learning so much, it just kills me.


Elise said...

Poor little thing. At least she is incredibly cute with those little brown eyes, scratched as they may be. I love the arm-folding-- it's so cute with the chubby baby arms!

becky ward said...

Poor Kate! Funny how it doesn't phase her.