Monday, April 09, 2007


So when I took that picture of Alyssa and Bailey playing in their swimsuits, Carter also wanted a picture of himself taken. So I just quickly clicked one to appease him. It wasn't until today as I was going through my camera deleting and filing stuff that I happened to view this picture FULL size and saw what I actually took. I about fell off my chair laughing. I am still sitting here laughing out loud by myself. This is just a classic I will keep forever!!

Be sure to blow it up big to see what I am talking about.


becky ward said...

Nice bumm!

Elise said...

I see a little bummy!!

So cute!!

Anonymous said...

So, when he grows up and becomes a plumber, you can say he was destined to become one.

LouandAngela said...

Hilarious! I'm still laughing!