Friday, April 06, 2007

Miracle of Miracles!!!!

Carter slept in his OWN bed last night for the very FIRST time ever!!! I got a FULL 8 hours of sleep. (I think I can count on one hand the times that has happend since I had kids.) HOORAY! This past week we have been working with him on it. He has improved each day. We bribed him with "getting a hamster" and he's been trying hard. Of course it's been killing the girls, they want a hamster SOOOOO bad. They've been great cheerleaders. Every morning they come running into my room like it's Christmas morning, to see if he's in my bed or not.

Monday night Carter laid in his own bed and watched a movie. (I know it's not Super Nanny's bedtime technique but it works for Carter, so sue me!) But then he came out and had to fall asleep sititng by me downstairs. I put him in his bed and he stayed until about 2 am.

Tuesday was a bit of a fight. (He was starting to get wise to the game.) He watched his Little People movie 3 times and still came downstairs to see what I was doing. When I tried to get him to go back, he started crying and fighting, etc. He had found Alyssa's bubbles she got from the dentist wouldn't put them down. Finally I told him that I bet if he went and got in his bed that the Easter Bunny would see and bring him bubbles in his Easter basket. So off he went and got in bed all on his own. Again he got up at 2 am.

Wednesday night I asked him if he was going to sleep in his big boy bed and he hopped right in it and said "Yeah, I gonna get a hamster." He stayed until 5 am. I was excited that he went to bed on his own and stayed for so long, so we made a smiley face chart and he got to put his first sticker on it the next morning. He was pretty proud of himself.

Last night we had no problems tucking him in. He wanted his Teddy Bear and Little People movie, but stayed in bed and fell right asleep. He didn't wake up until 7:30 am!!! Halle came into my room to wake me up and said, "Mom! Carter slept in his big boy bed!" She was SOOO excited about it.

So I think we might be on the right track. He has to sleep in it all night for 3 more nights before we can get the hamster. (What are we thinking!!!???) But this is the BEST it has ever been for him to go to sleep. KNOCK ON WOOD! Here's hoping the trend will continue.


Dawnyel said...

WOO HOO!!! *doing the happy dance*
Who cares what the Super Nanny's advice/technique is?? As long as it works for you!! :)

Elise said...

Wow-- you are a pro!! Sleeping is such a huge issue for me so I can totally sympathize with your pain. You have to do what works-- and it sounds like you guys are on the right track! A hamster-- so fun! (I love that your girls are so involved-- I bet that really helps Carter!) Good job!!

becky ward said...

I almost fell of my chair when I heard this! Yeah for Carter!

LouandAngela said...

Congratulations! How has he done since the first night? Did he earn his hamster?