Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sweet Valentine's Days!

So I can't resist any longer. I love Valentine's Day and have been wanting to do a Valentine's post all month long! I am giving in tonight and letting myself post a few of my favorite past Valentine pictures.

Here are some of my OLD scrapbook pages (back when I used to scrapbook, now I just blog) of Alyssa's first Valentine's Day. She was such a chubby, cute, little baby! My how time flies!

Manwarings used to have a tradition of going the Harris Cabin (in Island Park) in February and we would celebrate Valentine's Day together. It was so much fun and a VERY big event. (We now go in March which is still WAY fun, but we no longer do the Valentine's exchange.)


becky ward said...

I love exchanging Valentines! Great memories! I am glad you posted them!

LouandAngela said...

Fun memories!! Thanks for sharing.