Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Muffins with Moms goes bad!

The day started out so well! The girls and I went to the school for "Muffins with Moms", a breakfast sponsered by the PTO.

Later I got the most dreaded phone call all mothers fear...Alyssa had thrown up in class. Her teacher said she might need to get a new pencil box. EWWW!! Poor little girl, she feels like the pits and I am praying this lovely bug doesn't spread to any of the rest of us. I hate the flu!

The worst part of all this, is that I had just thought to myself as we were driving to school, "Man, we haven't had the stomach flu for a long time." Guess I cursed myself.


LouandAngela said...

I'm so sorry about the throwing up! If it is like the one we got, everybody got it within 2 days (except Lou)! It was quick though! I love the picture of Alyssa. She looks so sweet laying there sick. Poor baby.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post this earlier, but it wouldn't let me.
I know she doesn't feel good in that picture of her in bed, but there is something quite angelic about it with the whites behind her and the pale pink. Makes me want to reach out and touch her to comfort her.

becky ward said...

Poor Alyssa! I hate throwing up, let alone at school...in your pencil box! Poor girl. I hope she gets over it quickly.