Sunday, February 04, 2007

SuperBowl XLI

Well, I can't let SuperBowl Sunday pass without posting something. Honestly it wasn't a very big deal for our house. We aren't die-hard sports fans (except BYU football, of course) but we did buy a few treats and turned on the t.v. for the big event.

The girls had seen the treats we had purchased and wanted some, but we told them the treats were for the superbowl. So today Halle says, (she ALWAYS comes up with good ones!) "Mom, I thought you said we were gonna have a superbowl." I explained that this was the superbowl. So she replied, "This is all it is? Well it sure isn't very super. All Dad's doing is watching a stinkin' football game!"

This is what Carter thought of our SuperBowl party! Isn't it amazing how he can sleep sitting straight up!

It's strange for me to think that last year on this day (02-04-06) I was in Texas attending my Granny's funeral. We celebrated the superbowl with my cousin Tonya and her family. Seems like forever ago!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Granny. It epitomizes how she felt about animals! It just cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think about it being Granny's funeral day, but maybe that's why I kept hearing her pretty alto voice harmonizing with all the songs we sang at church yesterday. It was a little bit on the strange side.

LouandAngela said...

Cute picture of your Granny! Your mom's comment is neat. We didn't celebrate at all--although Lou turned it on periodically to check up on it. Our neighbors did though, so they sent us some of their food. They're always thinking of us. It's so nice to have great neighbors. By the way Elena, I got my new camera and am trying to figure out how to post videos. I like how yours turn out. How do you do it?

Elise said...

The word "Superbowl" is really misleading-- I love Halle's (and Carter's!) reaction. Such a cute pic of your granny, too. She looks like she was really sweet.