Sunday, December 10, 2006

Papa's birthday

December 7th, my father-in-law, Gregg, turned 55! We celebrated with clam chowder and red velvet cake, a tradition in the Manwaring family.

"Could it really be?"

"It is!! A flat panel computer moniter. Cool!"

One big blow and he had all 55 candles out.


Unknown said...

Hey how are you guys it is Kammy Shepherd. I am home sick from church andi am very bored we got your card and loved it are you guys having a good Christmas season? well i better let you go bye!


LouandAngela said...

55 candles! Impressive! Lou told me once that the red velvet cake is his favorite. I've never had it before, but one year I tried to make it for him. It was a failure. I'll have to see it again before I ever try to make it again.