Thursday, December 07, 2006

Letters to Santa

The other night we took the kids to mail their letters to Santa. This giant Santa mailbox has been around Idaho Falls since I was a kid. The kids LOVE to go see it.

Carter's list wasn't very explicit. Infact, it was just a bunch of cirlces he drew. Sure hope Santa can decipher!
Halle's list included a tent, a radio, and a Barbie Elena doll. (What a great name for a barbie. :) )
Unlike Carter's list, Alyssa's was very descriptive. She wants a "ballerina fairy or human ornament", a tent, a driveable jeep, and Magnetix. We'll see what Santa can come up with.


Elise said...

How cool are you to have a Barbie named after you?!? And she's even a princess!

That Santa is awesome!

LouandAngela said...

Looks like you guys are going to have to do some camping this summer! :) I don't remember that Santa. Where is it?