Sunday, December 17, 2006

The biggest winners!

Last Friday, the 15th, Jarom and I along with Kevin and Becky, attended the Realtors' Assosciation Christmas party. ( We were there as affiliates since Jarom makes a lot of realtor websites.) Our table cleaned up in the way of door prizes!! Kevin won $50, (although there happened to be another Kevin Ward there, but our Kevin was the first one out of his seat and therefore won the prize! It was pretty hilarious.), Becky won a wreath and candle set, and I won the center piece (the votive candles) AND a portable DVD player. We thought we'd let Jarom hold it in the picture so that he felt included. HA! Jarom's Aunt Sue and cousin Steve Butler who were also sitting at our table, each won $50 as well. Our table pretty much scored. It was a really fun evening.


LouandAngela said...

Wow! You really did score! How fun!

becky ward said...

What a great night! THanks for inviting us.

Elise said...

Holy Cow!!! You guys totally scored-- I am so jealous! I never win anything at parties. Although, last year at Chris's work party, he won a dutch oven. I wasn't there to jinx it, so lucky him. You guys look great in your Christmas-y clothes!