Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lights on Temple Square

Going light looking on Temple Square. The big trees weren't lit so it wasn't as impressive as I remember it being as a kid, but it was still beautiful. It was too cold to do a lot of looking, but we saw the main things.

The whole family on a carriage ride. Very fun, but cold.

The kids loved it for the first half of the ride. Especially Halle, she had been looking forward to the ride all day.

The 2nd half wasn't quite as enjoyable. The kids were freezing! I must admit, it was really cold. All anyone could think of at this point was hot chocolate! (We then went to Golden Corral for dinner, a place that pleases everyone except the parents, and they only serve hot chocolate for breakfast. At least there was ice cream after we were warmed up sufficiently.)


LouandAngela said...

Wow! I can tell it was cold! What fun though! Sad to hear the big trees weren't lit. How disappointing.