Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Party Time! Halle is 6!

Well, my little Halle Loo-Hoo turned 6 years old today. She had a great time with several friends from school, Alyssa & Bailey (Alyssa's best friend), and Liberty. Any of you who know Halle know how particular she can be. This year she wanted a "snowflake" party. It actually turned out really cute. We played several snow themed games (pin the button on the snowman, snowball scoop, hide the snowflake, pictionary, and freeze dance), wore snowflake hats, and ate a snowflake cake. What a great party for Halle!

The Birthday-Fairy found us and left the house decorated and presents on the table!

New outfit. (Halle called it "Eskimo clothes", she got the sweater and furry little boots.)

Halle, wearing a snowflake party hat, with her cake. She insisted on snowflake hats. (No comments...I did my best and she loved it!)

All the party girls, (and Carter). Back to front, left to right: Bailey, Alyssa, Arianna, Emily, Lauren, Carter, Kaylee, Liberty, Halle, Laurel

Make a wish!!


becky ward said...

Snowball hats...aren't you creative! Looks like a wonderful party. Nice job! Happy Birthday Halle!

Elise said...

I think the snoflake hats are great! What a fun Mom you are!