Friday, November 10, 2006

The Guilty Party

So the other night after Alyssa's baptism the adults decided to get some babysitters and go to dinner. We enjoyed a nice evening at The Outback. When we returned to my house, we were greeted by a bunch of scratching little kids. Apparently they had gone into the unfinished basement and pulled out a TON of insulation from the walls. (Some in the party were more guilty than others.) They were miserable from the itching and I think they all learned their lesson about insulation the hard way. We had to throw them in the tub, which I think they all quite enjoyed. Jarom, Justin, and Brandon cleaned up two large garbage bags of insulation. The big question is...Where were the babysitters during all this???? (In their defense they were watching 3 babies and all these older kids, but still...)


becky ward said...

Great picture! We can use it as blackmail in their teenage years! (;

LouandAngela said...

That's a great shot! What a memory! Glad you can laugh at it!

Elise said...

Where were those babysitters?!? I've learned that lesson with insulation (it's tricky, because it really does look so soft and fun) so I feel bad for those poor little kids. At least they look darling in the tub! :)