Monday, September 18, 2006

September Birthdays

September is a big month for my family. Jarom, Emily, Deidra, and Natalie all have birthdays this month. So we had a big celebration for them all, (minus Natalie who is in the middle of moving to CA). It was a fun time complete with dinner, presents and cake. My girls spent about 45 minutes hanging balloons and scraps of crepe paper on the walls for decorations. It was pretty cute.

Blowing out birthday candles! (Alyssa and Brylee wanted to be in on the fun as well.)

Jarom enjoying gifts. I think this one was a "battery-less" (is that a word) flashlight, and some coasters so he can bring his midnight snacks into our bedroom. These were from my mom.

Emily getting the standard Barnes and Noble gift card from me and my family.

Deidra opening a gift from her sister Kody (I think that's how they spell her name). It was a package full of fun things from candles to a DVD.

"Say Cheese!" This is the only way I can get a picture of little stinker Kayson. He always runs from the camera when he sees me coming. He's so cute, but doesn't want his picture taken.

Alyssa, Halle, and Liberty. They had just gotten done doing "makeup" and had LOTS of sparkles. Carter had just come down buck naked and sparkeled head to toe. It was hilarious. (Sorry no pictures!)

It was a great night. Hope everyone had a good time.


becky ward said...

Looks like a fun birthday party! Halle is so kills me. Did you end up serving roast?

Elena said...

Yep, roast and potatoes. It turned out all right. I love this picture of Halle too. I think it captures just how much she LOVES her cousin Liberty.

Elise said...

Happy September Birthdays! We have a month like that in August-- 5 birthdays and 4 anniversaries! Crazy.

BYU fans can feel good that even though you're losing, at least you're doing it with "integrity", thanks to good ol' Bronco! Ha ha-- I'm just kidding. Really, though, Saturday's game was a tough one because its the second game this season that the Cougs really should have won. They're a good team if they can just tighten up a little more-- it will be really interesting to see how the Ute/BYU game goes in November. It's in SLC-- are you guys going?

Elise said...

By the way, I know I've said this before, but your children really are gorgeous!