Thursday, September 28, 2006

A perfect day!

It was a PERFECT day today; 75 degrees, very gentle breeze, nice and sunny, just gorgeous. We started it off with a walk in the park, then off to the zoo, next a bike ride, and finally fun in the backyard. What a beautiful day to be outside!

Isn't Halle's hair so pretty with the sun behind it?

It was the first time I have let Kate go in the backyard and just play. She had a ball running around. (There is NOTHING better than a fenced in yard!!)

Carter showing off the snail he found. "Snakes and snails, and puppy dog tails; that's what little boys are made of."

Alyssa trying her best to get her kite up in the sky.

Even Johnny enjoyed the nice weather.


Anonymous said...

Sunny days are the best! What an adorable family. We miss you.
Love, Brent, Shanna and Jackson