Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eastern Idaho State Fair

My little Blackfoot Indians. The fair just isn't the fair without getting a feather hat from the Culligan man, and a Smokey the Bear sack full of goodies. These are things that have been at the fair ever since I was a little kid. Good times!

Kevin, Becky, and Owen

While we were enjoying rides, Kevin was off playing a basketball shoot game and won this giant lion. It was pretty cool.

The kids and me on the caterpillar roller coaster. They all loved it.

Jarom and the kids on the airplane ride. I sure am glad he went on this one with them and not me. It was the LONGEST ride I have ever seen. I would have barfed by the time it was over. Everytime the planes would go around Carter would try to wave at me. He was so disoriented that he never knew where to look for me. It was hilarious. He was just waving to wave. VERY CUTE!

This week the fair is going on in Blackfoot. It's pretty much tradition to attend on Labor Day. We had a good time and Kevin and Becky joined us, as well as Grandma and Papa for a short time. We ate lots of great fair food, (my favorite part), saw some fun booths, and enjoyed a few rides. It was very fun.


becky ward said...

Oh, what fun! Thanks for letting us tag along. Carter was so funny!

LouandAngela said...

What a fun time! I love the pictures. Lou won a monkey at a similar booth (basketball) at our WestFest. I didn't know they would let parents go on the kiddie rides. I've never really tried to go with them. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I wish I could convince Lou to go to the fair with us this weekend.