Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ramblings and Updates

I haven't sat down and just written up my thoughts in a long while. A REALLY long while. I don't know why it's so hard to blog these days. I'm in the process of getting 2008 into a blog book; I had over 300 entries that year. It's been a bit of work to get it all in a book, but I do love to go back and read it. It's time for me to give a little update on life at this house.

I have been learning how to index lately. Basically it's taking old records (birth/death certificates, census papers, draft papers, etc.) and entering the info into a data base that can be searched online. I'm not a fast indexer because I give stories to every person I do. My favorites are the Southern death certificates. I love old Southern names for one, and two, I find causes of death EXTREMELY fascinating. Not that I'm morbid or anything (okay maybe I am a little), but nothing tells a story quite like a cause of death. I've run across everything from "struck by a train" (and there are a lot of these - watching for trains must have been somewhat of a novelty still in the late 1800's), to gun shot wounds (I imagine all sorts of imaginative story lines for these deaths), to cancer of every body part, to tuberculosis (a lot of deaths of every age from this one, makes me very grateful for immunizations.). Anyway, if you're interested in indexing you can learn more at www.familysearchindexing.org, you may just find a new hobby for yourself.

Bishop H. David Burton came to speak at our stake conference. I was able to be part of the choir. I haven't sung with a good choir (and no, unfortunately ward choirs really don't count - bless their souls) since my college days. I had forgotten how much fun it is. I really am a music geek at heart. It was refreshing, but let me know just how out of shape my poor vocal chords are.

Of course what would updates be without some kid funnies?  Jarom was driving home with Kate a while back and he complimented her very cute polka dotted boots. She gave him a patronizing smile and said "Dad, they don't even match my outfit!" What a little princess we have.

Alyssa has been volunteering at the Animal Shelter a little bit.  I was a little hesitant to let her go because I was afraid her heart would be sad and I didn't want to hear the begging for each and every pet she wanted to bring home.  I think she knows I don't want to hear much about it because she's been good not to say much, but one day she came home talking about a little dog she had bonded with.  She kept saying, "Scene did this, or Scene loved that, etc."  I thought "Scene" was a strange name for a dog, so I asked her how it was spelled. (The animals names are written on the outside of the cages.)  She said, "S-E-A-N".  I died laughing and said, "Alyssa, that's pronounced Shawn."  To which she replied, "Well, that's the most stupid way to spell Shawn ever."  LOL!

And finally, thinking she was sneaking a drink of some apple juice, Halle, took a big ol' swig from the cup on the counter. Instead of juice, she got a big ol' mouthful of bacon grease. Funniest thing I've seen all month long!  I had left it there for it to harden and cool down before I tossed it out.  Oh man was she grossed out. It was hysterical!


Our Family said...

Haha, I love the stories about your kids!!! Those are awesome! Indexing is a little addictive, huh?! Mom and I have been working on it and Mom is going great guns. You have such a pretty voice, I'm glad you got to use it for stake conference.

CB said...

Oh man you got me with the bacon grease - ICK!! That is gross!! Ha ha

BTW - You should have stopped my daughter in Wal-mart. She has met enough blog friends to know it isn't weird so if you see her again....

Jennifer said...

How exactly are booking your blog?