Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spring Break in Boise

Over Spring Break, (last week of March), we decided to take a quick trip to Boise and have a little fun. We had a great time eating at a fancy Thai restaurant. I was shocked at how much the kids enjoyed it; they tasted every single dish we presented to them, and not only tasted them, but liked them too. We visited the Birds of Prey Sanctuary where we learned the difference between Hawks and Falcons. Falcons wings are straight and streamlined like a jet wing, and hawks wings spread out like fingers at the end of the wing (just in case you were wondering). We spent a day at the pool. And we visited our dear friends the Farnsworths.

Everyone together.

The traditional kiddos lined up photo.

And the adults.
The trip was fast and furious, but a refreshing break, and much needed togetherness time.


Our Family said...

So glad you guys came!! It was fun to catch up with you. Now we'll have to come to Idaho Falls and hang out. :)