Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cabin Trip 2012

In March we had our annual Manwaring Cabin Snowmobile trip.  This year we tried out a new location and cabin.  The cabin was gorgeous and huge and housed us all well.  We're a big bunch these days!

We had plenty of time to sit around and "electrocute" ourselves with our many devices.  We had a rousing game of Words going on all weekend long.

The Kindle Fires and iPads were on non stop.

And the big boys, hardly moved from in front to the big screen t.v. playing their war games all day and night.

Even the littles were up on all the hottest items in the cabin.

We did manage to go outside some. There was a great hill next to the cabin for sledding.

We even pulled out the snowmobiles. Here's Halle enjoying a ride from Aunt Emily.

The ladies took a nice ride to Mesa Falls.

I love this shot Becky got while hitching a ride on the back of Katie's machine.

We had great weather with beautiful views of the Tetons.

The kids had an activity night planned where they participated in stations. They took the cameras and got some shots of all the action.

Jamis, Wes, Ellie, Alyssa,  and Truman

The landing on the stairs proved to be the perfect spot for a little reading corner.

The Bean Bag Toss; these kids sure know how to plan a party.  It even ended with awards.

I'm sexy and I know it! Oh Jar...what can I say?

Here's a little cuter shot of someone (Truman) getting ready to go out. Ha! I love little kids all bundled up ready to go. But, I have got to say, that I am thankful my own kids are able to almost get all geared up by themselves. It is a A LOT of work to dress these little guys!

We could not have asked for more perfect weather. The kids loved eating lunch and playing on the balcony.

And as always, we eat like kings at our cabin trips. Here Kevin and Becky prepare Italian Subs for lunch. Mmmm...

When it was all said and done, we spruced ourselves up and the entire family went to church at  Jarom's parent's ward. What a sight we were; we took up and entire side of the chapel.


Our Family said...

How fun!! I love all the things your whole family is able to do together!!