Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

For a while now (like a year) Jarom has been wanting to go to Vegas for a weekend getaway. It's somewhat close, relatively inexpensive, and warm. I found out that a bunch of my bloggy buds (aka my "imaginary friends") were going to be in Vegas Oct.'09 and decided that was as good as time as any for Jarom's getaway. So we booked a flight & hotel room, and headed off to Vegas for me to meet some new friends, reconnect with an old friend, Jarom to get warm, and just overall relax. And THAT is exactly what we did.
We stayed on the 33rd floor of Treasure Island and had a marvelous view from our window. We spent a lot of our spare time just watching and taking in all the sites from our window. (There is a lot to see in Vegas.)

The pirate show Kaboomed out our window all evening long. Seriously the fireworks would shoot right past our window. That was kind of fun.

One of my favorite people in the world is Kat. I started reading her blog just because of her title "Sunshine and Lemonade". I found out she was incredibly funny and a friendship soon blossomed. It's amazing just how deeply a person can care for a complete stranger from words alone, but that is exactly what happened. I've laughed and cried and prayed over this lady and I could NOT wait to meet her in person. She is just as sweet and funny in person as I imagined her to be. (Although she has a different voice than the one I gave her in my head. AND she calls herself Katrina which throws me off a bit. HA!) Jarom and I enjoyed our double date with Kat and her husband Michael. Honestly, I can not even tell you how GLAD I am that I can now say Kat is a "real friend" and not just an "imaginary" one anymore. :)

Somehow I finagled myself a ticket to the Friday night SITS party that was going on in the Venetian. Kat was such a dear and let me tag along with her and introduced me to Shannon (who was sporting a very cute new do). Shannon is the one that ran that awesome auction for Kori a little while back. Such a great lady! BTW, Happy Late Birthday Shannon! How did I not end up with a picture of just the two of us? (Must of ended up on Lula's camera. HA!)

I can also add Lula to the "real friends" list now! Meeting Miss Lula was like meeting a celebrity to me. What a riot this lady is! Seriously, this lady can make me laugh like none other. Even her blog comments are funny. I absolutely LOVED hearing her say, "I'm just saying" with my very own ears. I've imagined Lula saying that a million times.

My goodness, I had such a fun time meeting all these lovely ladies and a few others too. I'm narrowing down my "imaginary friend" list slowly but surely. I'm going to meet all you ladies some day. Mark my words!

Saturday morning I woke with THE WORST headache! And no, it wasn't from the cocktails the night before. I'm Mormon and don't drink alcohol; so unfair for me to be the one waking up with a hangover! I'm blaming it on Lula's wine that sat in front of me the entire night. :)

Anywho, headache or not, I had plans. BIG plans. I was meeting up with my long lost friend Julie for a day of fun.

Julie and I were very close friends in elementary school and junior high. Then high school hit, we had a serious misunderstanding, and the next thing we knew we were enemies. (There needs to be a word for what we were. Just like "frenemy" is an enemy disguised as a friend, we were friends disguised as enemies. "Enefriends" ?) Through facebook we've reconnected, put our past behind us, and picked up where we left off.
It was so good to see my long ago friend, Julie. I had forgotten how animated her eyebrows are!! There truly is something endearing and enduring about childhood friendships. Even those that have been stagnant for 15 years.

Yes, I did do a few things with Jarom too. We saw Mystere and it was amazing, bizarre, and a little bit creepy all at the same time. The amount of body fat on the performers has got to read in the negative range. I've never seen so many muscles (male or female) in one place at the same time. I was sweating bullets just thinking about how hard they all worked. Really though, we enjoyed ourselves. And I've decided that in my next life I'm going to be a bungee trapeze lady for Cirque Du Soliel.


Allisyn said...

How fun to spend a warm weekend with your hubby and get to visit with your blog friends.

Lee Ann said...

You go girl! Meeting all those celebreties! Looks like lots of fun! :)

CB said...

That sounds like such a fun trip Elena!! A big plus to be in Vegas with hubby and meet all the blogging buddies too! Awesome!!

becky ward said...

my, my, my! you were just a little social butterfly this weekend. how fun! glad you got to enjoy some warm weather.

Gina said...

I am GREEN AT THE GILLS! Kat and Lula in one fell swoop? I may have to go cry.

Mama Williams said...

I ended up with a "Vegas Headache" when we went there too. I think it's all the lights, noise, etc. You'd think a Mom could handle that...but no. Glad you had a nice time.

Shannon said...

HA! I wonder if Lula has looked at the pics on her camera yet... if that one of us came out, we'll have to tell her to send us a copy!

It was so awesome to have met you! In the flesh, LOL! ;)

Nichole said...

how exciting! so glad you shared to make us all jealous. I have yet to experience Vegas. Driven through. Now I have to stop next time.

Tonya said...

How fun. I know I have met some of the greatest people throught blogging.

Unknown said...

How nice to get away! I really enjoy a Vegas weekend every so often (I too end up with a headache, but it's great fun)! Glad you had a good time!

Miki said...

You're growing out your hair!


Okay, okay, I'm just stopping by because I've spent an HOUR at Jennifer's blog. HOLY COW. I left a HUGE comment because I know I won't be stopping by again anytime soon. Blogs are SO ADDICTING!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I couldn't spend an hour there, and not at least stop over here....because I feel guilty for not paying any attention to my best friend!

This doesn't make it any better that I'm only commenting out of guilt!

What kind of friend am I anyway!

Love ya 'Lenes. Who calls you that again?

I like it.

Elise said...

How FUN!!! I'm so jealous. I need warm around here, and over-muscled dancers and lots of internet friends wouldn't be bad either!

We do need to start a book club. Serious! Pre-school story time is at 10:30 on Thursdays-- we missed it today because I'm sick, but we're there almost every other week!

Wendy said...

Oooh! I'm jealous! Everything looked like so much fun. Glad you were able to go...

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I thought I left a comment here the other day. But my computer was acking wonky...and none of the pictures would load. So I had to come back and check them out. Of course it add fuel to my procrastination fire. I have to post about our trip.

I am SOOOO glad that you came out and we got to meet. It was really fun...and it felt like I had known ya for forevah!