Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She turned 11!!!

My baby Alyssa turned 11 this year. The years are just flying by and there isn't much I can do to stop them.

We are so thankful to have Alyssa in our home. She is such a help and usually (she's starting to get into the teenage years) has such a great attitude about everything. Her giggle makes us all giggle. She is such a smart girl and her grades are very important to her. I never have to remind her to do her homework and I never have to worry about a bad report coming home. Alyssa enjoys to read, write and direct plays, sing, play piano, sew and cook. She's not into frilly hair dos, but does enjoy a nice fingernail color on her toes and hands. She's as responsible and honest as they come and tries her best to be a friend to all. Thank you Alyssa for being you. I love you very much.

The morning started off with the traditional German Pancakes.

And a new outfit. (The boots are too big, but she REFUSED to let me go exchange them for a smaller size. Who am I to say she can't wear boots that are too large on her birthday?)

She had a little party with friends with included a rousing game of tackle candy ball. (Take a roll of packaging tape and wind candy into a ball with it. Take turns rolling the dice and if you land on a 5-or number or your choice- you get a chance to unwind and keep all the candy you can until the next person rolls a 5 and steals the ball away from you.)

Alyssa really wanted Happy's Chinese food for dinner. Not many kids I know that would request Chinese and I think we exposed all her friends to something new. Some really liked it, others...not so much.

We surprised her with an MP3 (a Sony Walkman - sure different from the Walkman I had as a kid) player and Grammy gave her a knitting loom. When I came down this morning to wake everyone up for school, Alyssa was sitting in the family room sewing away listening to her "Walkman". She was content as could be.

She doesn't like birthday cake, so she requested brownies and ice cream this year. I put two straight candles in to look like the number 11, but EVERYONE asked me why she was only going to be 2. It was an eleven people, one one, get it. (Note to self put correct number of candles on next year.)

And when it came time to blow out the candles out, I only put one on top of her sundae because it was just cuter that way. She's a good girl and rolled with the punches, but she forgot to make a wish. Even without a wish, I'm sure many good things are headed her way this coming year.


Our Family said...

WOW!! 11!! Happy Birthday, Alyssa! I need to go back and look at the pictures of her from when we used to babysit, just to remember that she used to be a little girl. :)

Unknown said...

WE're on the 11 birthday countdown with Essie here... 35 days I do believe!

Gosh she seems like such an enjoyable kid. Could I maybe possibly sent Essie to you for a little training? She's driving me... well... a little crazy.

Gina said...

OY! My second child moved into the double digits this month! SLOW DOWN!!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Alyssa and Katie should email...they seem to have a lot in common. Including yummy chinese food. And no cake.

becky ward said...

alyssa is a great girl! i loved reading this post. happy birthday to alyssa! she looks so adorable in all these pictures. can't wait to check out her new mp3 player.

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa~

Wow I remember when your mom was 11. It sounds like you had a great birthday. Give your mom lots of hugs. Those double digits are hard on us old moms. We miss you all and hope to see you real soon.

Tonya said...

Oh... PS.... I got the 11, quite creative if you ask me.

Trish said...

she sounds like a wonderful young lady!!!

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Lee Ann said...

What an awesome young lady! I hope I get a couple of those as well :)

Great party you good momma you!

Wendy said...

Loved how you captured your daughter at eleven. You have a great girl! Best wishes, and I hope all her dreams come true. :-)

You have a talent for capturing your family's days. That will be such a treasure to you later on. {but you already knew that!}

Our daughter goes into LAURELS this December, so believe me when I say it goes fast!

Nichole said...

what a fun birthday mom you are! I'm tucking that candy ball game away into my memory for the boys birthday. FUN!!!

The Manwarings said...

What a doll. I love her new sweater! I kept thinking about what a near girl she is after we left the other night. Happy Birthday, Alyssa!