Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sister Sneak 2009

This all happened before 8 am today:

  • "Mom, I accidentally wet the bed." Really? Because I was on the LAST load of laundry today.

  • "Mom, I can't find my library book and it's due today." Really? Because that blasted book has been in my way for a week now. Of course it would disappear today.

  • "Mom, I spilled my juice." Really? Because I just cleaned the floor.

  • "Mom, why is the bathroom wet all the way from the toilet to the sink?" Really? Because...oh well, I guess I need to mop the bathroom.

Sometimes being a mom is exhausting. After this morning's adventures, I decided it was high time to post about my girls get away that happened last weekend. (I need to relive it for a few minutes.)(And no one feel too sorry for me, I am leaving again tonight for another child free weekend in Vegas!)

We have a tradition in Jarom's family where the adult ladies go away together for the weekend. It is always SUCH a great time.
The only children allowed to come are babies dependent on their mommies. And honestly, who could say no to this little sweetheart?
Is there anything better than cuddling a sleeping baby?

This year was Katie's turn to host, so we went to Logan, where we stayed in a hotel, ate great food, and learned how to "wire wrap" necklaces at a VERY fun bead shop.

The best part about sister sneak is the "favorite things" bags we do. A tradition we started last year and loved so much, we vowed to do it every year. It's seriously better than Christmas. There's just something about an entire bag of goodies meant for you and you only! We each bring a secret, small item that we love, and share it with one another.
My mother-in-law made these darling bags for us to stuff our goodies into.

Here's what we got this year:
  • Missy gave DARLING sugar cookies shaped like flowers. She had wrapped them in little boxes so they looked like corsages.

  • Becky gave yummy smelling bubble bath.

  • Kaylin gave homemade caramel apples.

  • Natalie gave a CD of some of her favorite inspirational music.

  • Amber gave Scentsy car candles and tins. And also brought a big bag of perfumes and lotions to share.

  • I gave "3 things every purse should have"- Orbitz sweet mint gum, Aquafina lip balm, and hand sanitizer.

  • Emily gave bobby pins and a nail file.

  • Katie gave monogramed notebooks, pens, and Snicker bars.

  • Anna gave Halloween sit abouts, fall garland, and homemade chili sauce (aka liquid gold in a jar).
After a refreshing night in the hotel and necklace making, we all headed down to Salt Lake City to enjoy Gardner's Village sans children. It was so nice to actually be able to go into the little shops and enjoy the decorations. We even had dinner in the old mill. Be sure to look at our necks to see the necklaces we made.

What a great time! If you are lucky enough to have your sisters nearby, you should SERIOUSLY consider a yearly sister sneak! Thank you to Katie for making this year so successful. Can't wait until next year. Good luck Amber!


becky ward said...

it is so fun to relive it! especially on mornings like yours...LOL! nothing a little jimmy johns won't cure. i've be craving one since the last time we got them! (;

Allisyn said...

I know that feeling of spending a weekend with you sisters... we have a girls weekend at my cabin each summer..

stevie kay said...

So sad for me . . . no sisters to do fun stuff like this with!

Deidra Smith said...

So . . . .I'm just wondering why you haven't started this wonderful tradition with us? (Typing this with a raised eyebrow and pointed look:)

Gina said...

So Jealous. I went out last evening with my 2 best friends and I had a herd time coming home....

Elena said...

Deidra- We totally need to do it! We need to get Natalie up here and schedule one some time. They are so nice.

Unknown said...

Awesome!! That looks like a blast! I miss my sister!

Em Eye See Kay EE Why Em Oh You Ess EE said...

What a nice surprise to hear from you. What a cute family you have. What are their ages? Bet your kiddos keep you super busy. I only one and he keeps me on my toes!

The Manwarings said...

Oh, so much fun!! I'm just aching to make another necklace!

CB said...

Wow! Looks like a blast - A very fun tradition to look forward to.
Love all the goodies in your bag!!

I am looking forward to doing this with my daughters and DIL's someday. I don't have any sisters.

And as to the messes - Oh my - thank goodness for the get-aways!!

LouandAngela said...

That's IT! We're having one! I've watched you guys doing this each year and can't wait until my sisters and I are all within driving distance from each other. So much fun!! Glad you enjoyed yet another Sister Sneak!

Tamie said...

i would have to agree that a sister sneak would be fabulous (if only we all loved closer) i will have to suggest to the sister's that one---perhaps every couple of years for us :)
looks like you girls had a BLAST!!!!!

Wendy said...

I love that you all do this. You have some very talented and creative sistahs!

Just did Gardner Village with my sister (the day of the SL Cancer Walk) -- lunch was at the mill! No kiddos, either. I gues you could say Jen and I did a mini-sister-sneak!

Hey, I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em! :-)

The CEO said...

How Fun! I'm totally jealous. It looks like a great time. I love the idea of getting together and the bags of "necessary essentials". Love it! Shanna

Jennifer P. said...

sister sneak AND are spoiled girl. SPOILED :)! (and you deserve it!)

Lula! said...

Um...this is fantastic! I'm sorry you had a bad morning before Vegas, but I'm glad you shared this with us. And I want a favorite things bag, but not from the women in my husband's family. 'Cause their favorite things are stuff like plastic surgery, University of Tennessee games (I spit at the mere mention!), Louis Vuitton bags, and Juicy Couture suits.

I just can't compete. Sigh...

p.s. I will discuss how I molested you in a post...probably tomorrow. I will also discuss the pictures y'all took with my camera--such a FUN surprise. And you are beautiful.

Really, y'all...Elena is gorgeous. No lie.