Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Finale


I must admit, I thought Adam had it in the bag. I mean Kris is good and all, and I will probably buy an album from him (love the guitar), but seriously, Adam is a super star.

Jarom called the outcome weeks ago. (Not necessarily Kris, but he said it wouldn't be Adam.) He had a point. All of the Gokey voters were certainly going to put their votes with Kris for the night, thus Adam coming in second.

But really...did you hear the screaming in the crowd for Adam? Double what Kris got. I really thought good ol' Seacrest would say Adam.

But no...he said Kris. And I shot up off my bed and exclaimed, "Shut.Up!" Like a 13 year old girl.

Farewell for now American Idol. I'll miss you! And Adam, I'll be seeing you someday.

Oh, and I must say that this was the best finale AI has ever had. Great entertainment, good use of the top 13, and seeing Kara flash the world was priceless.


Dawnyel said...

So I don't usually watch AI, but I watched the last 2 mintues, JUST so I'd know who won.

becky ward said...

i don't really like kara, but hearing her perform with bikini girl and then giving her flash (with bathing suit on...of course) was pretty made me like her JUST A LITTLE.

and i am so with you. so many superstars performing. i wish i could have been there. very entertaining.

asplashofsunshine said...

Ok, so I am a finally commenting on your blog after sneaking in here and here. :) I am glad Kris won too. I have never voted, so I can't complain either way. Kris just seems like a sweet guy with lyrics that I can actually understand. And I soooooo agree that Kara was priceless. I love that girl!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I was estatic that Kris won! Adam is just not my thing...but I think that Kris and that acoustic sound will really popular. He kinda reminds me of John Mayer without the scratchiness. Or the height.

But...I must admit that I was surprised that he won. I think that a lot of people were tired of it seeming like it was rigged. That Adam always got the diva spot. That he was rarely criticized. It just seemed like they were pushing for him. And tearing into Kris when he sounded fabulous.

Oh...and that bikini girl moment...when Ryan said he was going to ask her what's new, but that he could already tell what the answer was...priceless!

Jennifer P. said...

I missed this whole stinking season. I knew who everyone was but never really saw what they could do. I'm sure we'll be hearing from Adam regardless. In fact, it doesn't seem to matter WHO wins anymore--someone from the top 5 always manages to make it big.

I really am going to sit down tonight and catch up on your blog. Bad, bad blogging friend I am (but boy! is my house clean and my yard looks awesome :) ).

CB said...


I was speechless to say the least!

I am not worried though I think we will be seeing big things from him. Many who have been AI 2nds have shot to stardom!!

Miki said...

What? Kara flashed the world? I'm so out of it. I didn't even know Adam didn't win. With the way you talked of him, I just assumed he would win!!! lol.

Ah well, knowing that you still have your 13 year old self inside of you yelling "Shut up!" at the T.V. was reason enough to love American Idol. I wonder how many other stay at home mommies did that? lol....

Wendy said...

I'm not an AI watcher, but I've noticed one thing. The #2 guy usually makes out okay.

I would rather be #2 on AI. All the fame and exposure, and none of the restrictive American Idol contract obligations...

Did I mention I'm not into AI? LOL

LouandAngela said...

I wish I could have watched the whole season with YOU! Lou leaves the room when I turn it on, but I love the show.

I was with Adam from the very beginning--not so much because I loved his style, but because he was SOOOOO GOOD! Very consistent and VERY professional. If it had been a true talent competition, he would have won. I wondered if he'd lose on the popularity vote though. Kris was more "relatable." But they both actually seemed like pretty nice guys. Probably the bigger shock for me was that Kris won over Danny. Oh well.

Anyway. . .that was an amazing finale--with some disturbing moments (bikini girl, Ryan asking or not-asking her what's "new", face painted crazies, etc.:)). What Kara did to bikini girl WAS priceless! Very funny!

Anyway. . .want to record all of next year's season and watch it together?? :) I need someone to validate my opinions! Not walk out of the room! :)

Miki said...

WHAT!!!!! NO NEW POST!!!!!!

What happened?!

I mean...actually, I'm kind of relieved because I was dreading all weekend how I was sure you had a million, zillion posts I had missed (OH! Did you just call me? I barely missed a call just now and I'm SURE it was YOU!)...and you were thinking, "Where is that Miki! She needs to comment"

So...on the one hand I'm relieved, but on THE OTHER....where are you?! I just checked the date of your last post to make sure you hadn't just posted on Friday and I was off my rocker. I mean, I guess a Wednesday post isn't THAT long ago....but really....almost a whole week! Why does today feel (Yellowstone, THAT's've been busy!).

Okay....enough rambling.

Mandy Sue said...

I agree with your hubby. I didn't vote this year at all, but I was a Gokey fan all the way!! Kris wouldn't have won against Danny Gokey, I think. I thought of you as I was watching, thinking "Oh, Elena is going to be mad!"

Elena said...

Mandy Sue, I'm drawing a blank; I can't figure out who you are. (And you're private so I can't even see.) Thanks for commenting! And help me out, should I know who you are? :)