Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Review

First we watched Halle's final cheer performance for the year. She has loved cheer so much. She's the tiny one in her class, so she's the flier. This was the first time I saw her lifted and she did SO great. (I only have it on video though.)

We enjoyed watching Carter play soccer. His first "real" game. (Which isn't real at all, it's a scrimmage of 3 on 3 with no goalie, but its the first time he's done more than learn skills.) This was hilariousness at its best. SOOO so funny to watch these little kids. They didn't care what goal post, what part of the field, or who's game they'd entered. As long as they were kicking the ball and trying to get it near a net (even the backside) they'd run like the wind. Oh it was so funny, but you really had to be there to understand.

We also took advantage of the weather and took a family bike ride. (Kate didn't go in her princess dress, but I had to put this picture in because I love it.) We strapped Kate and her bike into the carrier and took off. (She rode her own bike for about a mile stretch and would have gladly ridden more, had her mom not been so nervous. She's a drunken little bike rider!) We rode and rode, enjoying the scenery of the river, bald eagle, and rock chucks along the way.

Finally we ended up down town by the falls. (Or in "upside down town as Carter says.) Look how high the river is right now. It all but touches the bottom of the bridge.

We snapped a family shot and then decided to take a break and eat some dinner at Jalisco's Mexican restaurant. (The Mexican Pizza is really yummy. Halle ordered it for herself, but I ate it. The refried beans are great, but the rice and enchiladas were a little too salty.) We got back on our bikes and began the trek home. It was a wee bit chilly that leg of the ride, but we made it home safely and no one cried or complained the entire day. That in itself is a miracle worth writing down.

After we got home, we decided we needed a treat (Reed's Dairy Ice Cream). I mean, we did just get done with our exercise for the day, we deserved it. (Oh I am SO flawed in my is NO wonder I can't lose a pound.) So we hopped in the truck and drove the route we had biked earlier. We realized we had gone 10 miles round trip! I couldn't believe my little kiddos rode that far and didn't even act tired.

The next morning the blue skies and green grass had given way to a spring snow storm. Poor little robin hoping to find worms on the wet sidewalk. Thankfully the snow didn't stick around long and by the end of the day, the grass was back.

Hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as we did!


CB said...

Elena I am glad you got to enjoy some warm days. The bike ride looks great! Love the falls and can't believe how high the water is right now!
Your little cheerleader is adorable. My youngest plays football and we see those little cheerleaders out there and they are so darn cute!
I cannot believe you mentioned Reeds Dairy!! This is our families FAVORITE! My Son in Law's family lives in IF and the Reeds are longtime friends in their ward. So Jaxon started bringing us the chocolate milk and we were hooked. He would bring us 10 1/2 gallons at a time.
When they got married the Reeds were at the Open House and my sons thought they were super hero's to meet the people who made that yummy chocolate milk. Before we left to come home they packed up 15 1/2 gallon bottles for us to bring back - they were so nice! Sorry long story but WE LOVE REEDS DAIRY!!!

Deanna said...

AWESOME!!! We keep thinking we're gonna ride out to the stake gardens at the church farm with the boys in a trailer, but it's 14 miles round trip...I'm not that brave. :)

Mama Williams said...

What a fun family day! Sounded perfect to me. We had fun at Thanksgiving point: dinosaur museaum, Imax movie. Just can't get the time to finish a blog post for you to see yet.

Tonya said...

What a great weekend.. I could do without the snow... It is SOOOOO good to hear from you agian... I felt so all alone in my basketball nightmare....the kids are too cute. I sure wished Callie lived closer.

Allisyn said...

Man it has been so long since I have been on a bike... but how much fun for the whole family..

becky ward said...

carter looks so handsome and grown-up in his soccer uniform. looks like a great weekend!

Miki said...

What a fun fun weekend, and I loved all of the flattering pictures of the kids. It's always fun to post those. My favorite was the family photo. I love seeing my true and blue friend, after a family bike ride, willing to take that photo.


It made me smile and puts me at ease. "She's real" is what the vibe it puts out there, and it would make me want to be your friend if I didn't know you. So fun.

btw! Someone called me this morning asking for your address....

Is that a hook or what?!

The Manwarings said...

Wow, 10 miles, way to go!! You definitely deserve some Reed's. What a fun little weekend and Halle is the cutest little cheerleader!!

The Wolfs said...

Way to go on your ten miler! I am so impressed! Love the photo of Carter! It is so fun watching these little people play soccer sad thing is I think they play better than I do but all in all it is super fun to watch!