Friday, April 17, 2009

My New Favorite Treat

My neighbor served these at a party she hosted the other night. I have a new favorite treat!
Bananas, frosted with strawberry frosting, rolled in coconut. Um....yummmy!
She also had some that were rolled in crushed berry flavored cereal (like Count Dracula or something), those would surely be a big hit with the kiddos.


Trish said...

Yummy! Sounds a little too sweet for me. I love to dip my bananas in melted peanut butter and sprinkle coconut and oatmeal on mine. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The Manwaring Family said...

Yum! I want to try some...will you make them for me?

Elena's mom said...

Doesn't tempt me at all.

Miki said...


I dunno....just wanted to say "hey"! with a big smile, and APOLOGIZE for my bloggy neglect of you! I promise, no turning into the ugly neglector from me! I've got my dashboard up and running again, so keeping up with bloggy goodness should be the normal routine.

I can't wait to talk to you about cleaning when you call next! Doesn't that just make you want to run to your phone and call...RIGHT NOW!

Stop with that sigh face! I know....but I've made a break through and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Until then, happy Sundaying tomorrow.

Lee Ann said...

Oh yum! I've been in the mood for chocolate covered bananas lately. Maybe I should make several different kinds....all in the name of healthy snacks mind you!

Tonya said...

I had those and I thought they were great. Callie wouldn't try it because she said it looked like girl hairy bananas and she didn't like to eat hair. Maybe now that cousins tried it she will.
Who knows with her...LOL

Wendy said...

Sometimes the simple desserts hit the spot. I had leftover frosting from baking, and spread it on graham crackers for my daughter for an after school treat. She loved 'em and ate lots -- i had a nibble and joined her! They were SO good -- just as yummy as when I was a kid!

Jennifer P. said...

Trish's recipe sounds yummy. I don't know how I'd do with strawberry frosting ones, but I'll try 'em if you make 'em :)